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Where I Came From…


Caleb-Wright-Email-Image2I first got into ‘internet marketing’ because I was looking for a better way.  I spent 5 years at a public access television station employed at a job that was actually relevant to my education in communications, but it offered no room for growth of earnings over my time spent there.  We only received ‘cost of living’ adjustments, that would barely keep up with the annual rate of inflation in the price of our everyday goods.  This was pretty frustrating, because no matter how hard I worked there was no incentive to earn more.  My hours put in 9-5 were building the dreams of the organization I was employed for… but not mine.

I got fed up with limitations and decided to maximise my situation during my last year of work at the TV station. So I started making websites after hours, it was great money! After making a few profitable websites for other businesses I got interested in finding ways I could leverage the internet for my own profit. I ended up getting an opportunity to be an affiliate for a ‘whole leaf tobacco’ company, and I created my first Search Engine Optimized website that generates commissions for me daily. We have a very cool agreement, where any customer that is generated through my website becomes a customer for life.  So any means that they use to purchase whether through site or by phone, I will gain a commission. This has allowed me to build a customer base and a growing residual income. I consider this one of my first major successes online, when it comes to using search engine optimization to generation profitable traffic in a niche market.

But I didn’t stop there. I next looked to ‘network marketing’ and ‘ecommerce’ to expand my internet based income.  I became involved with an ecommerce system called Drop Shipping Domination. This system supplied the training videos, tools and ongoing webinar education to become a profitable dropshipper on the eBay and Amazon selling platforms. I used the training and tools to build a highly profitable six figure dropshipping business between my eBay and Amazon selling accounts, which I continue to grow to this day. Getting into ecommerce was one of the best and most liberating decisions I have ever made, when it comes to making money online. My efforts spent implementing what was taught in this program quickly helped me to replace the income from my former job, allowing me to leave it on my own terms. Isn’t that every 9-5’ers dream? I’m living, breathing proof to show you that it’s possible.

fearless dominators teamAnd the other cool thing about that DS Domination program is that it had a Multi Level Marketing side to it. How I look at it, this made for the perfect combination to make for my first major success in building a team in network marketing.  You had a business where you learned how to generate profits by watching videos and following a simple copy and paste process. No recruiting required to earn. This gives you the opportunity to start successfully, actually making money online. And for me personally, I hit it hard and created some impressive results with my sales early.  I became a product of the product and shared my results with the world, and many followed me into the program where we built an incredible team called the “Fearless Dominators” (which still goes on to this day, over 2000 people and growing!)

I was one of the key players early on the team, who helped to create atmosphere of camaraderie and support in our private Facebook Mastermind Group. This helped to create the culture of our team. And through some key people I recruited we ballooned our team to one of the largest in the company! This was my first major success in network marketing. And this is a system I still promote to anyone that is just simply looking for a tried and true way to earn an income online, that doesn’t require recruiting. There simply are not enough opportunities like that out there in my opinion.

Where I’m Going In Business…



In my next stage of growth as an internet entrepreneur, I ventured into the cryptocurrency industry. As an entrepreneur I have made the conscious decision to only get involved with truly revolutionary things that have the potential to change the world for the better. And besides being an incredible way to position yourself for generational wealth based on where we are in history at this moment in time… I felt that I have never seen anything in my life that has the potential to change the world for the better, than cryptocurrency.

So I have spent some years researching the cryptocurrency industry and have ultimately become involved with Bitcoin & Capricoin. In the process of doing that I have become a cryptocurrency blogger at, where I share news, information and education about the industry and technology. I have also started helping the other bright minds in my network to become involved as well. We are simply leveraging our fiat currency (our US Dollars) into a another currency that has an actual high potential for growth.

Cryptocurrency is the future of money, and the people who can see that early enough and make the right choices stand the chance of becoming millionaires.  And that is what I’m currently in the business of doing. Raising awareness and helping to create future millionaires through cryptocurrency with a group I am working with called “The Future Wealth Builders” and a cryptocurrency mining company we are working with called Vizionary.


Since March of 2015 I have been one of the very first people leading the way with a new cryptocurrency coin called Capricoin. Currently a six figure wallet holder of Capricoin, my day to day networking involves helping others to get involved with leveraging fiat capital into mining Capricoin so they are positioned just like I am for when Capricoin unseats Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency payment system on the market, thanks to its second generation blockchain technology and the incredible global movement behind it.

As An Internet Marketer / Lifestyle Blogger…


pool time 1I take great pleasure in sharing my life experiences and journey along my path of success. It’s just fun! Having deviated from the traditional 9-5 lifestyle has been truly rewarding. It has allowed me to have experiences and meet people that I otherwise would not have. This is stuff worth sharing! It’s why I choose the ‘Internet Marketing Lifestyle’.  It’s all about experiencing this kind of freedom.

But it’s not just about me.  It’s about YOU.  It’s about me helping others (like YOU) to experience this same kind of freedom in their lives.  Because together we are more powerful than we are by ourselves. We were put on this earth to help each other. So that’s why I’m also using this blog to provide tips and trainings to help you grow as a marketer. So stay plugged into my blog and connect with me on social media and I’ll keep dropping the ‘golden nuggets’ of wisdom okay?

And if you are serious about your commitment to success I’m even willing to take you under my wing. I enjoy teaching and empowering those who I work closely in business, with the secrets to my success. That’s what we call teamwork.

I consider business like a competitive sport. So let’s work as a team, have some fun… and PLAY TO WIN!

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I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success,

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