Benidorm Spain | My Vizionary Leaders Conference Experience

Benidorm Spain | My Vizionary Leaders Conference Experience

I just got back from the Vizionary Leaders Conference in Benidorm Spain, and it was an unforgettable experience!  Thank you Vizionary for paying for all the expenses of the leaders who qualified through their sales volume for the company.

Yes you heard it, Vizionary actually paid for all my expenses for a trip for two, to enjoy the beauty of Benidorm and Altea Spain and learn more about the company and the people behind it and the gameplan moving forward.

I’m beyond excited to be a part of this leadership team that we have in Vizionary.  The opportunity we are working with here is going to revolutionize the $80 trillion dollar financial industry as we know… yeah that’s big stuff!

As the President of the company has once stated in the past “it’s something that everyone wants, but they just don’t know it yet”.  Even as simply a reader of this blog post you are extremely lucky right now to be exposed to this information at the time of the publication of this post.  Which is a total understatement, but you get the point.

Benidorm Spain: Why We Are Here… The Capricoin Cryptocurrency!


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I was already excited about Vizionary and the cryptocurrency concept prior to this incredible journey and experience.  But I have to say, after everything that we learned this weekend from the leaders of the company itself, I truly know that we have something here that is going to change so many lives.

I feel as if everything I’ve done up to this point in business, all the skills I’ve gained, have been a preparation for me to maximise on this opportunity here and now.  My goal is to help as many people as possible to change their financial futures forever through this incredible vehicle.  And I’d say it’s safe to say that is the goal of all the amazing people I met who had qualified for this Vizionary Leaders Convention as I had.  Here is a picture of all my new friends together!



Are you ready to join the cryptocurrency revolution with us?

We are about to change the way that people send and receive money around the world with a cryptocurrency that is capable of instant transactions with its second generation blockchain technology…

But I don’t want to get into too much detail about that here, instead if you’d like more details about this revolutionary business, check out the blog post I wrote the other day by clicking the following link:

What Is Vizionary | Blog Post <<== CLICK HERE

Instead for the rest of this post I’d like to share some photos of the breathtaking views we were able to enjoy, and some of the amazing people were were able to meet…

On the way to Benidorm Spain…


The architecture of the airport in Paris made for a cool picture!

Then we found a Paul’s and enjoyed their famous french sandwiches and salads…


Then we finally touched down in Valencia, Spain…


We met Ladislav Pasztor, the co-founder of Vizionary who kindly gave us a ride to our resort near Benidorm in Altea…

and we met some familiar faces when we arrived!

villa gadea patrick and scott

We met Patrick Moore and Scott Schlemmer from our Vizionary team!  I am the first person that Patrick introduced to the Vizionary business and Scott is the first person that I have personally introduced into Vizionary back when we all started months ago.

We are all good friends, these guys are a pleasure to work with, complete class act professionals that are a blast to hang out with just like everyone else we had the pleasure to meet that made it out to this Vizionary Leaders Conference from so many places around the world.

Then we enjoyed some wine on arrival to our quarters…

enjoying wine on arrival

Then of course came pool time.

pool time 1

Get your drinks while in the pool!

pool time

Next we decided to explore and take a walk on the beach…

 walk on the beach 1

walk 3

walk 2

walk 4

walk 1

Then we got hungry and decided to meet Scott and Patrick over at this outdoor restaurant by the pool for a bit to eat…

outdoor eating

Where I had one of my favorite things to eat on the whole trip… the Iberian Ham sandwich.  We ate a lot of Iberian ham in general on this trip, it’s some of the best (and most expensive) ham that money can buy and it’s just everywhere you look when you are in Spain.

So tasty, I can’t wait to go back just to eat more Iberian Ham!

iberian ham sandwich

Breakfast time at the resort was awesome!  All the Iberian ham you can eat…

and as you can tell in the picture, we all enjoyed a couple mimosas!

breakfast time

And then of course on Friday and Saturday mornings we had several hour business sessions about Vizionary and Capricoin.

Here are a couple of group photos we took during one of those sessions…

group photo

group photo outside

After business was over the founders and officers of Vizionary; Frode Berg, Andy Morbitzer, Jesper Bentzen, Tahir Ali & Ladislav Pasztor, took us all out to experience the beautiful sights of Benidorm, Spain and the surrounding area!

amazing view

After we drove to the top of this lookout on a mountain overlooking the beach city of Benidorm…

climbed to top

We hiked the rest of the way to the top, where this really massive cross was perched, and you could see some amazing views…

amazing view 3

You see that beach down on the coastline of the city?  That is where we went to next!

walk on beach in city

And then we took a rest and enjoyed some drinks before dinner…

drinks at beach

Front and center is my good friend and Network Advisor to Vizionary; Jesper Bentzen from Sweden.  To his left is Oslo and to his right is Louka Damianov who I work with as fellow Vizionary Leaders.  Drinks of course, were on Vizionary. Woot Woot!!

We got to experience the beautiful city of Benidorm at night, and took a walk to the restaurant that the team would have dinner at.  Courtesy of Vizionary!

dinner area 1

And we finally made it to the restaurant!

dinner facade 1

And we finally got to sit down and have the most delicious gourmet dinner with our team and the leadership of the Vizionary company!

dinner with team

At this point my phone was dying out so I didn’t get photos of our dishes, but I got the ‘mixed grill’ which had 4 deliciously juicy meats that were cooked to perfection (beef, lamb, pork and veal)

Tiffie had a plate called the ‘four fish’ and she was quite pleased with the how delicious each of them were.  I don’t recall each type of fish, but she’ll probably talk about it in her blog post coming soon…

later that night 1

This photo was from Saturday night when we all hung outside the bar at the resort and got primed to do the ‘whip it nae nae’ on video, haha!!

whip it nae nae

I was really comfortable and had a lot of fun with the Vizionary Leadership Team, the are all very authentic, genuine and highly ethical people just like you or me.  It was an amazing experience to get to meet each and every one of the people who run the company and the fellow members who qualified for the Vizionary Leadership Convention.

Jesper Bentzen

On the day we had to return, Jesper Bentzen kindly gave us a ride to the airport 2 hours away in Valencia.  Vizionary arranged rides back from everyone who came on the trip which was very thoughtful of them.

Tiffie and I really enjoyed our ride back to the airport with Jesper, he provided massive value to us in talking about the Vizionary business and strategies for success with working the network marketing side of it.  We had an extremely interesting conversation that made our 2 hour drive seem very short.

We definitely look forward to meeting up with Jesper again in the future, and look forward to working with him in Vizionary moving forward.  As an officer of this company you know he is very busy, and he even freely offered to us his help with 3 way calls for prospects.  We really appreciate that Jesper, you are the man!

Wish I had more pictures of the good times we spent with my friend Tahir Ali, CEO of Topsites.  We had a blast down at the beach, and I look forward to hanging out again.. hey we still gotta get that game of Texas Holdem’ Poker in with the guys!

But anyways, on our way out I found one more moment of bliss at the under air-conditioned airport in Valencia Spain…

one last iberian ham

One last Iberian Ham Sandwich!

Vizionary is already planning the next leaders conference which will be in Capetown, South Africa in January. We would love for you to join us!  Click here to learn how you can join our team.
I couldn’t have had a better time in Spain, this was an experience I will never forget! We have an incredible group of leaders that I was beyond honored to be able to meet and become acquainted with.  I’ve been to several networking events but none of them have ever been anything like this. I know that many of us have gained new friendships that will last for such a long time to come.. that is truly priceless!
As I mentioned earlier in this post, I feel the last 10 years of my life in business and the network marketing industry have prepared me for this holy grail opportunity. The impact that this business is going to have on the world, is greater than anything I have ever been involved in. I am truly grateful to be a part of Vizionary and look forward to this being THE BUSINESS to work for the next 50 years.  Yes, I actually see this having that kind of staying power… which is something I’ve never been able to say for any other business.
Connect with me on Facebook and let’s mastermind about how we can maximise on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Would love to see you make the life changing decision join us in the blockchain revolution movement. We are having some serious fun DISRUPTING the $80 TRILLION dollar global financial industry!

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Until next time,
what-is-cryptocurrencyP.S. You still haven’t clicked through one of my links and opted in for more information about Capricoin and Vizionary?  You should check out the blog post I wrote the other day that does a really good job of breaking down the opportunity behind Vizionary.  Just use the following link!

What Is Vizionary | Blog Post <<== CLICK HERE

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  1. Haha you and Patrick and your Iberian Jamon obsession lololol… I can’t believe you guys never had it til Spain!!!! Nom nom nom….

    “Happiest girl in the world with two blue towels”


  2. Seems you had fun at the Benidorm Spain Vizionary Leaders Conference! More power to your efforts as you head back into the field! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences with us, Caleb!





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