What Is Capricoin? | Altcoin Cryptocurrency Review

What Is Capricoin? | Altcoin Cryptocurrency Review

What is Capricoin?  Capricoin [publicly traded call letters: CPC] is at the forefront of the second generation of cryptocurrencies.  Capricoin is developed by the talented web development company and cryptocurrency startup: Top Sites.  Capricoin is the second generation of BITCOIN!  It is the better designed mousetrap, as it fixes the flaws of Bitcoin as a payment solution in commerce.  And CPC is quietly taking the crypto market by storm as the market fixates on bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value in the past year.

So what makes Capricoin so special anyways?  In the following video I thoroughly review the big picture of Capricoin in terms of the massive value that it is providing to the industry through it’s power of ‘instant transaction speed’ and cash back incentive fueled merchant marketplace and mobile application called CapriPay…

What Is Capricoin? Watch my ‘Altcoin Review’ for all the juicy details…


So what determines the value of a cryptocurrency? [Important To Understand]

There are several important factors that gives a cryptocurrency significant and STABLE value.  In order to see this clear as day, all you have to do is look at Bitcoin.  The forerunner and number one cryptocurrency in the market right now.  What makes it worth $730+ per coin as of the writing of this blog post?  The following factors are what contribute to the value:

  1. Merchant Acceptance.  Bitcoin has it in spades with over 500,000 merchants online and in brick and mortar locations around the world that accept it.  No cryptocurrency is as accepted as bitcoin at this stage in the game.
  2. Userbase.  Bitcoin still has a fledgeling userbase of less than 1% of the world’s population and it still holds the value that it does today with strong market support.  Large size of userbase and vast breadth of distribution strongly correlate with higher value in a cryptocurrency.
  3. The value that the technology provides to the marketplace.  Bitcoin is chock full of value since you can somewhat anonymously move any amount of money around the world from peer to peer at mere cents per transaction.  It has some flaws [mostly speed and some other technical factors], but it is still absolutely revolutionary because it enables you to BE YOUR OWN BANK.


There are many ‘altcoin’ cryptocurrencies that trading publicly in the market on the exchanges.  1000’s actually.  So it’s important to analyze these factors and determine if a coin will be a good home for your money.  It’s important to understand that the price of any cryptocurrency is PURELY SPECULATIVE prior to becoming relevant as an everyday payment solution like Bitcoin,  So just because you see a coin have some good trading action on the exchange DOESN’T mean you should just jump in.

What Is Capricoin? The Advantages Behind The Technology & Dedicated Development

what-is-capricoinSo now that you understand what gives a cryptocurrency value in the ‘supply & demand’ marketplace.  I will shine some light on the technological advantages behind Capricoin and the mobile application / merchant marketplace called CapriPay.

  • Capricoin has an INSTANT transaction speed in comparison to Bitcoin’s 30-60 minute confirmation time.
  • If cryptocurrency went mainstream and a far greater percentage of the population than bitcoins current 1% [or less], the Capricoin network would be readily capable of handling the volume of transactions.  Bitcoin would not be able to handle this increase in volume without having EVEN SLOWER transaction confirmation times leaving consumers seeking ‘altcoin’ payment alternatives.
  • Capricoin has a mobile application and merchant marketplace behind it called CapriPay.  It is free to download and use for consumers and merchants alike.  Bitcoin has achieved the level of success and value it has without ever having provided this type of value.  Capricoin & CapriPay are bringing cryptocurrency to the next level.
  • The merchant marketplace has mobile marketing tools and a cashback rewards system that can be leveraged by merchants to maximise sales from the database of Capricoin holders / CapriPay users.
  • The CapriPay wallet is also going to double as a Bitcoin wallet in an upcoming update prior to the end of 2016.
  • Capricoin is the first cryptocurrency to be instantly convertible to fiat currency through transactions on CapriPay.  The merchant no longer has to speculate when accepting cryptocurrency as payment like they have had to with bitcoin.  CapriPay instantly converts Capricoin to local fiat currency right within the wallet via the transaction.  This is currently available in limited countries [including Africa] as the feature rolls out on a regional basis.
  • Capricoin is also aligned with a soon to launch and first of it’s kind, public DECENTRALIZED cryptocurrency exchange called Bitpeer.  An alpha version of the exchange is viewable here.  This will be quite a boon for Capricoin in the market.


So as you can see from my above laundry list, there are a lot of of reasons to be excited about the prospects of Capricoin being one of the top 10 blockchains / cryptocurrency payment solutions in the emerging financial market of the future.

What Is Capricoin? The First Cryptocurrency With A MARKETING STRATEGY!what-is-capricoin

Yes you heard it right.  Capricoin is the first cryptocurrency on the market that has a fully developed strategy to bring it to the point of becoming an in-demand everyday payment solution that the masses love to use because it’s ‘easy & fast’.

  • Capricoin has a very strong web presence online between www.Capricoin.org where you can get some solid information on the technology [and even download a desktop wallet] and it’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook that is fully managed by the marketing dept. at CapriPay.
  • The web portal for CapriPay has strong branding and is easy to understand and use.  You can use CapriPay online to store, send and receive Capricoin, you don’t necessarily need to use the mobile app if you [gasp] don’t have a smartphone.
  • CapriPay has a built in financial incentive for users and merchants alike to share CapriPay and expand the user and merchant base.  There is a two tier affiliate plan based on commissions that can be earned from ‘cash back rewards’ transactions generated by the referred users.  This is a first in the crypto marketplace!
  • Capricoin also has a sustainably structured marketing arm behind it called Vizionary that provides financial incentive to users for expanding the userbase of Capricoin and CapriPay.  In operation for just over 1.5 years at the time of this writing, Vizionary now has an army of almost 100k people that are touting the virtues of Capricoin and CapriPay and putting energy towards making it a success in the marketplace.  This makes Capricoin very unique to have this kind of support behind it!  [I have written a review about it in the past right here.]
  • Capricoin won first place in a vote to be included in the first 15 coins to be reviewed at the newly launched cryptocurrency and exchange review site called REVEX.  Capricoin is currently within the top ten coins reviewed on the site!


So now that you have ‘the big picture’ of why Capricoin has a bright cryptocurrency future, you should pick some up at Bittrex!  [if you need help with that, feel free to connect with me on Facebook and we can talk about it]

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