What Is Vizionary? [Your Opportunity To Profit With Cryptocurrency]

What Is Vizionary? [Your Opportunity To Profit With Cryptocurrency]

What is Vizionary? Vizionary is a cryptocurrency mining and technology company.  Vizionary is pioneering the second generation Capricoin cryptocurrency.  They basically brought a better designed mousetrap to the market with the Capricoin and it’s second generation blockchain technology.

The blockchain is the code / algorithm behind Bitcoin.  All the other cryptocurrencies that were created after Bitcoin have been based on Bitcoin’s first generation blockchain technology.. until now of course with Capricoin.

what-is-vizionaryYou might be asking yourself ‘what is the significance’ of this second generation technology?  The largest advantage is that Capricoin is capable of real time, instant global peer-to-peer transactions with zero fees.  Bitcoin takes 1-2 hours for a pending payment from one party to another to complete, and then several days to complete a sell order and get the money to your bank.

So the timing right now is historic.  The value of Capricoin will never be this low again, and right now at this moment thanks to Vizionary… it has never been easier to be involved with mining cryptocurrency!

And you don’t have to have your own equipment to mine the coin or learn anything complicated because Vizionary does all the work of mining for you, when you are a Vizionary mining member.

Watch this quick 6 minute overview about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Capricoin Vizionary and how it all brings us to this moment in time where you have an incredible opportunity to accumulate Capricoin before it rises in value similar to bitcoin and the other successful cryptocurrencies on the market.

We have an opportunity to leverage Capricoin for wealth to a degree unlike anything else you have ever seen in your life… as you’ll see in the following video, mining Capricoin with Vizionary is the ultimately low risk, and extremely high reward!

What Is Vizionary?: A MUST WATCH 6 Minute Overview Video


What Is Vizionary?: I’ve Been There Since Day One

what-is-vizionaryI’ve been extremely fortunate to have been around Vizionary when they first started mining, and I’m actually only the 3rd person to enroll for mining in the entire company!  Wow, talk about perfect timing right?  I got to mine the coin before it even hit the public traded exchange and assumed a value in the market.  To date I won’t say just how many Capricoins I have mined, but let’s just say I’m very excited about the future!

So while accumulating the Capricoin through Vizionary’s mining services is the main attraction, there is actually a whole other side of the business where money can be made.

This is the network marketing side of Vizionary.  Other than the more advanced blockchain, this is what sets the Capricoin apart from all other cryptocurrencies on the public traded exchange.  The Capricoin is the first publicly traded cryptocurrency with a fully fledged marketing arm, that uses the viral growth, word of mouth, network marketing model no less.  It’s ingenious! The network marketing side will help to virally spread the adoption of the Capricoin amongst consumers and merchants and overtake Bitcoin as the dominant cryptocurrency in the market.

So Vizionary has a network marketing ‘binary’ style compensation plan to market Vizionary’s mining services.  And since I’m right at the top of the binary structure of the compensation plan (right under the master distributor Andy Morbitzer), I get incredible spillover growth which has perfectly positioned me to help as many people as possible to experience the maximum benefits of the business side of Vizionary.

Over these past few months I have become a visible leader for the company on the network marketing side of things, and just the other day (9.13.15) I hosted the most recent Vizionary Corporate Webinar.  I break down in ‘layman’s terms’ what cryptocurrency is and isn’t, the history of Bitcoin and money in general, and what is behind Vizionary, mining Capricoin and more…

What Is Vizionary?: Business Overview With Top Leader Caleb Wright



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8 Responses to What Is Vizionary? [Your Opportunity To Profit With Cryptocurrency]

  1. I was lucky enough to get Caleb as my sponsor. His mentoring, strategies and helpful support helped me achieve results I doubted were ever possible. If you want to succeed in this business opportunity I could not recommend anybody more highly than Caleb!

  2. Caleb you are one of the leaders and mentors in Vizionary who is out there everyday helping and educating all of thr members. Can’t thank you enough for your tremendous work.
    All the best my friend!!

    • Thank you Alex, I appreciate your feedback and also feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with you in this business. We have an amazing opportunity to change people’s financial futures forever with Vizionary, these are quite exciting times we are in!





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