My Boston Red Sox Adventure

My Boston Red Sox Adventure


I’ve always been a huge Boston sports fan (I love the Patriots… hold the free Brady jokes please hehe).  I guess being from a New England state without a team of it’s own, you at some point choose between Boston and New York.  Between having some family in the area and getting my first Red Sox baseball cap when I was just a little guy, I’ve always been attracted to the city of Boston.  It was just a natural thing, didn’t have to think too much about it.  I can’t complain with how rewarding it has been to be a Boston fan over the last decade, sports history has been made many times over in this city!

I’d recently made a new friend in the Boston area by the name of Miss Tiffie… HUGE Red Sox Fan!  Little problem… I’d still never been to Fenway Park for a game, so we decided to do something about that and hit up the Red Sox vs. Angels for some peanuts, crackerjacks… and #Fenway101 by Miss Tiffie, as she showed me the ropes of what’s good with going to a Red Sox game.

eating a footlongLesson 1: Fenway Frank Vs. Footlong

When we first got to Fenway our first stop was for munchies.  Food at a sporting event is pure ritual, and I learned an important lesson about Fenway… Fenway Frank > Fenway Footlong.  Even though it’s shorter, the Fenway Frank is the way to go.  Why?  Because you look really silly when you eat the footlong that’s dripping with mustard.  I don’t know how it didn’t splooge on my white shirt.  Okay so even though it doesn’t look pretty, but I clearly have some pretty mean hot dog eating skills!


Lesson 2: Double Fisting Beverages

red sox with tiffie dee 1There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold one at the game, except for enjoying two at once!  Handled as a

responsible alcohol consuming adult, this is an important part of the gameplan when you come to Fenway.  It’s all about maximising that game time!  Beer flows like water at Fenway, and when they score a home run it’s free rounds for Red Sox fans on Big Papi!  Just kidding that would be too good.  But you know what’s even better?  Enjoying cold Goose Island IPA’s with while cracking peanuts with Miss Tiffie.  For the optimal gaming experience, two beverages are recommended before going to your seats.  Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and you will see the light!

Lesson 3: Wally’s Birthday Is Not To Be Missed!

We didn’t realize it when we decided to go to this game, but It ended up being the Red Sox mascot Wally’s birthday!  They had a fun little break during the game to celebrate his birthday, and Wally was joined by his parents and other mascot friends from the league.  It was pretty funny, the kids were loving it!  Our seats were pretty awesome too, behind the home plate area.  So when it was time for the mascots to exit they went up our aisle and got to high five them as they walked by.  (Side Note: Wally’s Dad  is a bit rough with the women, he missed Tiffie with the high five and ended up kinda just smacking her with his paw… totally awkward!  But gave us something to laugh hard about)

wally family gathering

Then we decided take a little romp over to Wally’s clubhouse, where we found the mascots having fun and playing games with the kids.  We got these cool little Wally birthday party balloons and happy birthday hats… and Miss Tiffie somehow managed to get us first in line, when it came time for the photo op!  If was funny because we were literally in the right place at the right time…  and despite rumors, we didn’t even have to trample any children to get there!

wally club

My First Fenway Adventure Was Complete With A Red Sox Win!!!

I have to say, I definitely enjoyed my first experience at Fenway Park. Big thank you to Miss Tiffie for being my host, showing me the ropes and making it complete blast!  You are cool new friend, I appreciate you.

If you are ever in the Boston area, I recommend going to Fenway with good company… if you like Baseball, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!  And I’ll be saving this one in the memory banks for a long time to come… and with plans to make more memories, by returning to Fenway as soon as we can!

Until next time,
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