Boston Adventure Part 2: Wahlburgers Hingham MA.

Boston Adventure Part 2: Wahlburgers Hingham MA.

Boston Adventure Part 2: Wahlburgers Hingham MA.! (The Overdue Update)

My weekend in Boston was not going to be complete with just the Red Sox game.  There was still some unfinished business to take care of… I had still not been to Mark Wahlberg’s burger joint ‘Wahlburgers’.


So the next day we took a jaunt over to Hingham, MA and had everything we could eat off the menu in one sitting.  That’s one of the things you have to do with a new food experience, gotta properly put their offerings to the test!  And of course we took some photographs so we could kindly provide you with a healthy serving of the sights of Wahlburgers Hingham with a side of quality food porn.

First up as you enter the establishment you are faced with a bulletin board plastered with classic pictures of Marky Mark and his famous brothers… Awesome!


We started off with a couple of drinks from the bar of Wahlburgers, that we chose off the ‘Wahlcoctions’ drink menu…



Miss Tiffie enjoyed sipping on the Pineapple Margerita “Wahlcoction” which was Premium Tequila, Pineapple Vodka, Pineapple puree and Margerita Mix.

I had the Funky Monkey ‘Adult Frappe’ which was ‘Wahlcocted’ with strawberry ice cream, vanilla vodka, creme de banana and creme de Cacao.  Tasty!

As we enjoyed our drinks we took a look at what Wahlburgers had to offer on the menu…


We chose our burgers and sides, waited patiently for the deliciousness to arrive until…


I have a soft fatty spot in my belly for bacon, so I ordered the BBQ Bacon Burger, which was Donnie Wahlberg’s favorite!  It comes topped with White Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Avocado. Fresh Jalapenos and BBQ Sauce.  You could opt for a turkey burger over beef if you wanted too.. but I always roll with beef! (obviously!!)

I loved it, so tasty!  Even though from all the sauces that were on it, it got a bit soggier than it should have towards the end.  It was my bad for adding all the extra ketchup, as I have a feeling the burger would have stood on it’s own with just the BBQ sauce that comes on it.  Sometimes I can’t help but douse the ketchup on though haha!  Next time I try this burger I’ll roll sans ketchup.  I will also ask for it without the jalapenos, as I found myself taking some of them off.  I like spicy, but I don’t LOVE spicy.  All around awesome burger, I can’t wait to try one of their other offerings!

Miss Tiffie went with the classic O.F.D. (Originally from Dorchester) Burger.  She was working on bolstering her ‘street cred’ by ordering this, hehe!  She loved it.  It’s a delicious 1/2 LB burger topped with Homemade Tomato Jam, Bacon, Swiss Cheese and Sauteed Mushrooms.  She added mustard and jalapenos, because she loves spicy.

Lets also not forget that we got the Onion Strings, Sweet Potato Tots and Yukon Gold Fries.  Yes we had to try practically all the sides, how can you not!?  They were all delicious.  My personal favorite were the onion strings, yum yum!!

She makes me so hungry when I watch her eat, she makes it look so good!!!


As you can see by the look on her face… that is one delicious burger!

So we both agree that we can’t wait to go back to Wahlburgers and explore more of their menu as soon as we can.  This place is great, and the Wahlburgers show is hilarous, and just makes you want to come down and enjoy one of the brotha’s burgers!

I definitely recommend you make a visit to Wahlburgers if you ever have the opportunity, if you love a good burger you won’t regret it!

Until next time,
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