Network Marketing Success… I Live My Dream Every Day Because Of It

Network Marketing Success…  I Live My Dream Every Day Because Of It

I have some awesome posts about network marketing coming up that will show you…

Ways you can rank your blog in Google…

Ways you can make an extra source of income by dabbling in e-commerce / dropshipping…

Ways you can attract highly targeted leads for your network marketing business by using free using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

network marketing success

You may also hear a thing or two about how I’ve been helping other aspiring internet marketers reach for their dreams and achieve their goals. This is made possible by leveraging my skills in web design, search engine optimization, network marketing and social media strategy.

But that’s not really what this post is wholly about.  But it is a big part of why I am where I am today.  Network Marketing has given me the option to move from Vermont, USA to Toronto, Canada to be with my true love.

A bit over a year ago, I made a decision to go full time with my network marketing and web solutions business ventures and left my job.  I took a calculated risk based upon what I had built online to that point, and the potential of where I knew it could take me.  It turned out to be the best decision of my life.

Several months into this foray, I met who would turn out to be my fiance online… Elizabeth Lam.  At first we simply emailed for several months.  She loved messaging with me so much, that she eventually asked me to Skype with her.  From that point on we were virtually on Skype every day that it was possible, which worked out pretty well as I was always at home in front of the computer working anyways and really enjoyed her presence… Even if it was only digital at the time.

network marketing successAfter several weeks of doing that, we decided to arrange for me to visit.  I purchased a plane ticket from Burlington, VT to Toronto, Ontario Canada.  On the morning of my flight I arrived to the terminal and went to check in my bag.  This is where I realized that I couldn’t go on the flight!  Having spoken with Expedia when I ordered the ticket, they informed me that my ‘Enhanced Drivers License ID’ would be good enough to get me through Customs…. Oh I was so wrong to believe them.  So the end result is they tell me I can’t board the plane.

I leave the terminal and go to the plane and the only thing I can think of is that “nothing is going to stop me”, and I called Elizabeth and let her know the situation and explained that I was going to drive from Burlington to Toronto, for about an eleven hour drive.  I had never even driven to Canada to Montreal on my own, much less up through Montreal and back down the highway all the way to Toronto.  Yet that is what I set out to do.

The crazy thing is that once crossing the border my cell phone service ended, which means that I had no GPS!  I did not consider this before I made my way across the border.  What a learning experience.  So I stopped off to one of the first  places I could find that were open (I happened to be traveling on a Canadian holiday, so many places were closed).  Of course in this part of Canada, they speak primarily French and just barely get by with English.  So I was able to get some help, and basic direction after speaking with and deciphering the words of the nice lady running the store.  She also helped me get a road map, which I used to find most of the rest of the way.  Okay, I did have to stop off at two more places along the way where I got confused and needed some help.  But luckily every time I needed it, I was able to find a friendly Canadian who was willing to help out this silly lost ‘American’ from Vermont.

I did eventually make it all the way to Toronto and met Elizabeth Lam for the first time.  In order to contact her so we could meet I had to stop off at a pizza place that was run by Asian people.  They allowed my to use their landline phone to call her, so I could have her come meet me.  I patronized their business by buying a slice of pizza and they gave me another one for free… too generous of them!

network marketing success
Me and Liz at Leunig’s French fine dining on Church St., Burlington Vermont

So after that we continued to visit each other, in Vermont and in Toronto over the course of the past year.  And of course in between those visits, we were seeing each other every day for many hours at a time online… even while much of the time she watched me work!!  We did have a ton of fun times watching YouTube videos and making each other laugh too.  But we had an undeniable desire to be together, and eventually I decided that I was willing to pick up my life and move there to be with her.  This being made possible by the fact that I had learned how to generate a serious income anywhere I can hook up to the internet.  What freedom that my choices in life had provided me!

It took a lot of arranging, setting up of bank accounts on both sides as well as the logistics that would allow me to manage the money of my U.S. based businesses.  Also I had to work out a storage solution for most of my belongings.  I was only able to bring some basic things like clothes and my computers and other necessary work equipment.  Moving to Canada actually does have a process to it, and you can’t just pick up and move in with all of your stuff.  In fact, I was lucky to make it across with the stuff that I did bring… but I believe that at the time, God was looking out for me at the border as customs decided to still let me through and gave me two months.  Eventually I will be able to move the rest of my things here, but for now I’m with Elizabeth and I have all that I need to do business.  I feel pretty dang comfortable with the situation.  I was able to make the move over the holiday (I arrived here on Christmas Eve) and have minimal downtime from my business and communications.  Keeping continuity has been key to staying on top of things even through such a major life change!

network marketing success
At the Korean BBQ in Toronto, Canada

Other than all that business stuff, which is great… the best thing that has happened lately, is that Elizabeth’s parents have given me their blessing for me to marry her.  I really could not feel more lucky than I do now!  I truly am living my dream.  I totally transformed my life over the course of virtually one year in the past from this weekend.  I left my job, pursued my dreams, and found myself sinking into them further each passing month as more and more of what I was doing was just plain working.  I was finally able to give my network marketing efforts the full attention they deserved.  In doing so I not only attracted the income streams that have become very important to my overall picture, but I also attracted the love of my life.  I have to give a huge thank you to my good friend Adam Chandler (a fraternity brother from college) who showed me the ways and potential of network marketing and making money online.  He’s the one who gave me the idea to get moving on it in my spare time back in 2011, which helped put me on this path to… where I am now.  Living my dream every day.

And this is just the beginning.  I have much further to go, and a vast ocean of potential to tap into just waiting for me to take the right actions that I have lined up before in the blueprint of my mind.

Network Marketing Success Can Truly Transform YOUR Life…  I’m Leading By Example

network marketing success
Hiking our way to the top of Mount Royal, in Montreal

If you are reading this, and you are feeling inspired to take action to change your life and go for it.. go for your dreams.  That is what I desire, to be a positive influence in peoples lives and get them to realize their potential too (whether that is achieved through network marketing or some other means online).  I’ve made a habit of teaming up like minded go-getters and helping them make their breakthroughs online right alongside me.  I’ve been helping people from various walks, whether in network marketing or a more traditional business model.  One of my favorite success stories as of late is that of my brother Calvin Wright, who is an amazing artist, and through the power of blogging, Facebook and E-Commerce, I’ve helped him generate a stream of leads to his blog, who have been paying him to do what he loves most… produce art!  With his online shirt store, Chillum Styles, he’s been generating an excellent residual income from shirt sales.  I’ve basically guided him along the path of monetizing his talent.  I have a gut feeling he will achieve a certain level of fame, success and recognition for his incredible work.

I’ve also been helping many people in network marketing to learn how to develop their personal brand and successfully build their network marketing or MLM businesses through online, attraction marketing methods.

In the past month and a half I’ve been a catalyst to 60 people learning how to generate a serious income online by selling on eBay.  It’s a really cool model of business where you don’t have to stock any of the products you sell, but you source them from reliable Fortune 500 wholesalers on the internet.  You simply put your listing / ad on eBay for the item you identify to sell, and when it does sell you purchase from your source and ship to your customer… only after you secure your payment and says ‘okay to ship’ in Paypal.

Network Marketing Success… As A Leader I’m Working To Help Others Achieve This

What is my role in these people learning this valuable skill, that has helped many people in our Facebook group to quit their job?  I help them get connected with a comprehensive system of step by step video training, that teaches how to build a dropshipping business with long term success on eBay.  When someone joins my team and gets started with the program, I make myself available via Google Hangout to provide additional training and advice.  I’ve helped quite a few people to learn how to maximise the elements of their eBay listings for success, which ultimately helps them get going faster with that side of the business.  With a fast start on the eBay side of this business, it can be extremely easy to leverage Facebook or even your warm market to share you profits / results and start earning monthly referral commissions (the network marketing side of the business).  In fact, recently one member of my team took a suggestion / idea of mine and ran with it.  She posted flyers advertising this business to college students with credit cards and no cash, and got her first phone call the next day.  This probably would not work for most other network marketing businesses, as this one has a unique aspect to it that flips the script on network marketing business as we know it.  It does this by providing an education on how to generate an income online with absolutely no recruiting / team building required.  This is what actually makes this business so explosive and easy to grow when you start actively marketing it.

If generating an income online by selling everyday products has ever been of an interest to you…  whether you want to put in a full time effort with visions of 10k-20k months, or if you’d just like to make an extra $1000-$3000 per month in your spare time… you should connect with me on Facebook, and I’d be happy to chat with you and answer any of your questions.  If you already have a business to generate your residual income and you just need some guidance to learn how to leverage the internet to grow it… you should reach out to me to talk about the mentoring that I offer with the MLSP Mastery program.

Awesome catching up with you guys, and keep an eye out for my next post soon, which will be about a little program that I’ve used to get a couple websitesnetwork marketing success of mine to rank first in Google for very important money keywords in their respective industries.  This will be of interest to anyone who wants to improve their blog or company website’s ranking in google for important keywords to their business.  Learning how to master Google is definitely an important milestone for anyone who wants to wishes to attract network marketing leads online using a self hosted website or blog.

Until Next Time,

network marketing User Profiles - Caleb WrightP.S. Learn how I’ve generated a serious monthly residual income and massive profits by connecting 178 people with a system of training that teaches how to generate an income online using eBay.  Learn how I can help you start earning an income online TODAY, by reading my DS Domination Review!

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  1. Awesome work here bro, thanks for layin’ it all out here for us all to read. So many legit moves being made by you and really showing that success is possible with some dedication to persevere and using tools that are available to us all. I for one would not be anywhere close to where I’m at now with my current work-flow and status of being able to have my work out there in the world as much as it is without you! My website wouldn’t exist without you, or And all the know-how I’ve gained from you with all the social media sites and whatnot, much legitity from caleb wright! I appreciate the shout-out too, my man! Setting a wicked prime example here! Keep it up:)

    • Hey, you also owe it to yourself in our willingness to take my advice and actually TAKE ACTION with it. You have produced these results and I have guided you along the process. Congratulations brother! Keep up the good work and you will keep attracting more and more opportunity, every day.

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