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About Caleb Wright…

I first got into ‘internet marketing’ because I was looking for a better way.  I spent 5 years at a public access television station employed at a job that was actually relevant to my education in communications, but it offered no room for growth of earnings over my time spent there.  We only received ‘cost of living’ adjustments, that would barely keep up with the annual rate of inflation in the price of our everyday goods.  This was pretty frustrating, because no matter how hard I worked there was no incentive to earn more.  My hours put in 9-5 were building the dreams of the organization I was employed for… but not mine.

I Started By Tapping Into Search Engine Optimization & An Evergreen Affiliate Opportunity…


I got fed up with limitations and decided to maximise my situation during my last year of work at the TV station. So I started making websites after hours, it was greatmoney! After making a few profitable websites for other businesses I got interested in finding ways I could leverage the internet for my own profit. I ended up getting an opportunity through my network to be an affiliate for a ‘whole leaf tobacco’ company, and I created my first Search Engine Optimized website that generates commissions for me daily. We have a very cool agreement, where any customer that is generated through my website becomes a customer for life.  So any means that they use to purchase whether through site or by phone, I will gain a commission. This has allowed me to build a customer base and a growing residual income. I consider this one of my first major successes online, when it comes to using search engine optimization to generation profitable traffic in a niche market.

Then I Mastered Ecommerce…

Fearless Dominators TeamBut I didn’t stop there. I next looked to ‘network marketing’ and ‘ecommerce’ to expand my internet based income.  I became involved with an ecommerce system called Drop Shipping Domination. This system supplied the training videos, tools and ongoing webinar education to become a profitable dropshipper on the eBay and Amazon selling platforms. I used the training and tools to build a highly profitable six figure dropshipping business between my eBay and Amazon selling accounts. Getting into ecommerce was one of the best and most liberating decisions I have ever made.  My efforts spent implementing what was taught in this program quickly helped me to replace the income from my former job, allowing me to leave it on my own terms.  This program also had an MLM marketing aspect where you could build a team and market the platform to build a residual income.  I did exceptionally well at this part of it, because I had worked with members of my team to create a ‘Team Training Center’ website.  We put additional training in there that helped to increase results with dropshipping and also taught how to market on Facebook [which is a valuable skill when it comes to selling products.]  This combination of additional training along with an amazingly supportive community we had built in a group on Facebook called the Fearless Dominators, helped us to build a very large team of over 2000 people within a short period of time.  People loved our group because it worked like a mastermind.  People had questions about the training and I would always make sure to bring a quality answer to help them.  And next thing you know, my leading by example created other leaders in the group who also started providing massive value in helping other people ‘on the team’.  So this program was much different than most MLM’s out there, where people just want to take your money.  We worked as a team to learn how to master the art of selling products online via ecom platforms.  It was pretty fun!

Then I Discovered Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in 2015 [Which Eventually Changed Everything]…

internet-of-money-bitcoinIn my next stage of growth as an internet entrepreneur, I ventured into the cryptocurrency industry. I had been introduced to the concept of bitcoin and the blockchain through a friend on Facebook and was intrigued enough to continue to do my own research.  Then a friend of mine offered for me to join his MLM opportunity for a cryptocurrency called Capricoin, which ended up being my first ‘altcoin’ holding outside of bitcoin.  I was a bit clueless at this stage and still learning.  Fortunately this program with ‘Capricoin’ had an honest education platform built into it that helped me to get a beginners understanding of how blockchain works and why it’s significant to the future of global commerce and finance.  Another benefit of the Capricoin program, was that I was receiving my first ‘altcoin’ holdings through the program.  And their community introduced me to the concept of ‘cryptocurrency exchanges’, which are places where you can trade altcoins for bitcoin for profit.

One day myself and a friend who was also in the Capricoin program jumped on Skype and figured out how to use the ‘Crypto Exchange’ called Bittrex for the first time.  We deposited some Capricoins to the exchange and then traded them for bitcoin.  We then noticed within a few minutes that the price of Capricoin became lower, so with the click of a mouse we traded the bitcoin back for more capricoins than we had before….  that’s when we realized that we had the ability to multiply our money, and that we had a lot more to learn in order to make the most of this!

As I did more research on trading and investing in this market…  I began to form my own perspective and opinions on blockchain, cryptocurrency AND bitcoin.  I decided that the point of trading is to accumulate Bitcoin, which is pretty much the reserve currency of the cryptocurrency market.  Very similar to how the USD is the reserve currency in the global foreign exchange markets.  And that with proper market research we would be able to identify the right altcoin projects that are bringing significantly unique and useful real world use cases to the table.  Because these coins that bring actual utility to the world to enhance business, profitability and convenience in people’s lives are going to be the long term winners of the market and where the biggest money will be made.  Especially when you identify the right projects that are still trading for pennies…

I quickly developed a burning passion this market, and fully immersed myself in it via the daily news cycle and twitter community we call #CryptoTwitter.  I researched everything I could about the technology of blockchain and encryption so I could have a grasp on the importance and implications of it all.  I watched all of Andreas Antonopoulos videos on YouTube [follow him @aantonop on twitter, he is one of the best known and easiest to understand speakers / educators about bitcoin and blockchain.]  And I also spent a great deal of time learning how to not trade and invest for profit blindly.  Not only did I leverage all free sources of training I could muster from Google search… I also invested in multiple educational courses from traders I had identified as ‘at the top of their game’, and poured through each one absorbing all they had to teach.

And in the process of all this, I had also setup a mastermind chat group on skype and invited everyone I knew who was into cryptocurrency at the time.  I had a great deal of people of available thanks to being connected to the network of people involved in Capricoin and Bitcoin.  This was a group I started back in 2015 and has continued to evolve and grow to this date [it’s now on Slack, which is much better than Skype for example].  This group was key to many of my most profitable trades, as it was basically a place where information sharing was happening all the time.  I taught the group to share any and all information of value that they may find on a daily basis with the group, so we can discuss anything that is of value.  As a result of this there were many times that we received key information that was actionable through trading, and also ahead of the curve enough to make us very significant ‘game changing’ profits.  And I was not the only one benefiting from this.  Over the years I have had many people comment to me via message, phone call, testimonial or social media post… about how powerful that their access to our Crypto Mastermind Group has been for them, and how they had made incredible profits thanks to the information that was coming through the group.  And how that they would not have been aware of such opportunities had it not been for being involved in the group.  At this stage in the game a few years later in 2018 at the time that I am writing this… catching up with my mastermind group on slack and the latest and greatest of crypto markets information, and doing everything I can to provide value to it ongoing is one of the favorite parts of my day, everyday!  We have an amazing and growing assortment of incredibly smart people from all over the world contributing to the conversation… one way I like to look at this is that the human brain is more powerful than any computer ever created at this point.  It’s even more powerful than quantum computers which have not even been created yet.  So think about what happens when you combine brains together like a ‘multi-processor’ all working together on the same task…. that is basically why and how a mastermind can be such a powerful tool for your success in any area.  I have personally had great success with masterminds in multiple areas, even though the greatest of all has been with my work in cryptocurrency.

So a couple of years down the road in 2017, I ended up having a breakout year…  because in 2016 at the bottom of the bear market, my market research brought me to invest in a few key altcoins as long term trades [SYS, XEM, XRP].  These coins were worth a fraction of a cent when I first invested in them.  Then by 2017 they all multiplied to values between $1-$3 per coin [XRP held the high end of the price range for these coins].  I ended up selling 75% of my holdings of XRP and XEM to make thousands of percents profit in bitcoin.  SYS / Syscoin ended up launching ‘masternodes’, which are a feature you can leverage to passively earn more cryptocurrency using the coins you already have invested in and a VPS setup [this is something I teach how to setup in my Bitcoin Lifestyles Course.]  So I ended up deciding to hold my SYS and use most of it to earn a passive income by running multiple masternodes.

So at this point I decided to build a video based course that taught everything that I knew about how to trade and invest in the cryptocurrency markets.  And I decided to build a course that would be suitable for both the complete crypto noob AND someone who has already been actively doing it with experience.  My Bitcoin Lifestyles Club video based course is comprehensive with training on every aspect of cryptocurrency and the market that could be thought of [check out the course syllabus.]  Several months into the launch of my program in 2017, my mastermind group migrated to the Slack application where we have multiple channels to focus topics of conversation.  One particular member joined who ended up becoming a rockstar trader in my group but also took quite an interest to the concept of ‘mining’ and became a master of it… he turned out to be super smart guy!  He requested that I open up a channel in the mastermind group called ‘Mining-Mastermind’, which became a place where himself and other members of the group started getting involved with different forms of cryptocurrency mining and supporting each other through the process.  Mining is an excellent additional way for someone who is already trading / investing in this market, to also earn a passive income on the side.  It’s kind of like the concept of ‘dividends’ that you earn with certain stocks, in the stock market.  Except the nice thing is that with crypto the ‘dividends’ or ‘rewards’ as we call them instead, come much more frequently and can actually create a significant income when you are doing this to the right degree with the right coins.

As An Internet Marketer / Lifestyle Blogger…

bitcoin-atlantis-bahamasI take great pleasure in sharing my life experiences and journey along my path of success. It’s just fun! Having deviated from the traditional 9-5 lifestyle has been truly rewarding. It has allowed me to have experiences and meet people that I otherwise would not have. This is stuff worth sharing! It’s why I choose the ‘Internet Marketing Lifestyle’.  It’s all about experiencing this kind of freedom.

But it’s not just about me.  It’s about YOU.  It’s about me helping others (like YOU) to experience this same kind of freedom in their lives.  Because together we are more powerful than we are by ourselves. We were put on this earth to help each other. So that’s why I’m also using this blog to provide tips and trainings to help you grow in your ability to make money online and empower yourself as a result… So stay plugged into my blog and connect with me on social media and I’ll keep dropping the ‘golden nuggets’ of wisdom okay?

I consider business like a competitive sport. So let’s work as a team, have some fun… and PLAY TO WIN!

Have a question?  Click here to send me a message!

I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success,

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