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Backlink Building Service: Your Key To Ranking 1st In Google

Backlink Building Service: Your Key To Ranking 1st In Google

Leveraging a quality backlink building service is key to the process of ranking your website content first in Google’s search engine results.  Trying to hunt down backlink opportunities from other webmasters can take valuable time away from your main money generating activities of your business, and also yield less than stellar results compared to the amount of effort put in.

Of course the first step is to have your website pages optimized ‘on-site’ for the keywords you are attempting to rank for.  Once that is done it is as simple as signing up for a backlink building service to create keyword targeted backlinks to the pages you wish to rank in Google.  In the program I prefer to use, it’s as simple as setting up a campaign for your website, targeting the pages you wish to rank, and choosing your keywords / related keywords per target (page), and sourcing related article content relevant to your keyword selection.  With these settings in place you simply let the backlink building service run the campaign, and build you high PR backlinks until you are happy with where your pages rank in the search results.

My Backlink Building Service Of Choice

backlink building service

The backlink building service that I prefer to use is called Link Emperor.  In the following video I show you how I’ve used Link Emperor to rank various pages first place in Google for two of my websites.



My Incredible Results From Using This Backlink Building Service

As you were able to see in the video, I’ve ranked my website (www.wholeaf.com) first in Google for the keyword terms ‘Whole Leaf Tobacco’ and ‘Fronto Leaf’.  Several of the other highest results for these two keywords were YouTube videos that I shot to link back to my website content.  These videos also benefited from my use of the backlink building service, in helping them rise in rank as well.  At the time of writing this blog post I’m also ranking second for ‘Wholesale Tobacco’, which as you can imagine is a pretty big keyword term for my Whole Leaf Tobacco marketing business.

My web solution business (www.commonwealthwebsolutions.com) is also ranking quite well in Google for a handful of terms.  My favorite accomplishment here, is the fact that I’ve managed to rank a page that markets my ‘SEO Services’ for first, second and third place in Google for the keyword search term ‘Vermont Search Engine Optimization’.  I’ve achieved first place in Google, beating out long time established companies in the area, for the hyper local keyword term ‘Rutland Vermont Web Design’.  I’m also currently fluctuating between 2nd and 3rd place, on my way up to 1st place in Google for ‘Vermont Web Design’.

This is all bringing a lot of traffic to my websites, creating new sales, customers and clients, and leaving me with plenty of time to focus on the important income generating activities of my business.  I highly recommend checking out Link Emperor if you wish to rank your valuable content in Google and achieve the success you deserve from your internet marketing efforts.  If you are impressed with my results, I know YOU can also achieve the same quality of results for your content and attract the web traffic that you truly deserve.

Backlink Building Service 7 Day Trial: $50 Worth Of FREE Backlinks

For a short time, they have a 7 Day for $7 trial that will give you $50 worth of backlink building for FREE!  So this can be a valuable opportunity for you to check this program out and learn exactly how you can rank your content first in Google just like I have… and at the very least you will get to build $50 worth of quality backlinks to the website pages of your choice.

Click Here to start your trial and get $50 worth of FREE backlinks!

If you have any questions about Link Emperor, I’d be happy to answer them.  If you decide to use Link Emperor and would like some advice on how to get started with it, I’m available to provide guidance via a ‘Google Hangout Screen Share’ and show you exactly how to set it up and make it run best for your needs.

Talk Soon,

backlink building service

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    • Thank you Amelia! There are so many keywords available for grabs out there in the search results, this is surely a great way for many people to solidify their positions in Google for years to come!

  1. Thanks Caleb, this is great information! Back linking is something I have struggled with understanding, but you made it simple. Much appreciation to you and your work!

    • Thank you for the kind words Dawn! It really does simplify the process. Between this program and the SEO Yoast WordPress plugin, search engine optimization has never been easier!

  2. Cheers man! Good information here and examples of how it works! I feel I’ve been slacking on getting up to speed with this strategy to gain name on the internet, so this is good to have out there as an option and to know you got the know how! People should definitely hit you up for this, you got it goin’ down phat!





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