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4th Crypto Trading Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Trade Against The Trend

4th Crypto Trading Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Trade Against The Trend

Welcome to the fourth video in my new training series; “The 10 Commandments of Crypto Trading”, where I’m going to reveal the golden rule that all SUCCESSFUL crypto trader’s understand and follow… and you need to know this, because anyone who goes against this will surely become whale food.  I’m here to keep you from having to experience such pain, so read on…

In today’s video we will cover the 4th Commandment of Crypto Trading: Thou Shalt Trade Against The Trend.

It’s important to understand market cycles, and their bullish and bearish trend cycles.  Because only then can you have the ability to develop and implement a winning trading strategy.

Anything less is going to have you swinging in the dark and putting yourself in financial jeopardy…

But have no worries, I’m here to help keep you develop the skills you need to avoid these kind of mistakes and pave your way to crypto wealth!

Watch And Learn About The Golden Rule Followed By All Winning Traders…



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what-is-cryptocurrencyP.S. Keep an eye out for the next video in my 10 Commandments of Crypto Trading video series coming soon!  In the 5th Commandment of Crypto Trading, I’m going to teach you how the most successful traders find some of their biggest trading opportunities….  and you will learn how to tell the difference between a cryptocurrency project with solid fundamentals and mere vaporware.  Learning these things now will be crucial to your success later, don’t miss this next training!

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