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Cryptocurrency Mini Course [Lead Capture Funnel Setup Guide]

How does this work?

  • You can now share a cryptocurrency mini course to educate prospects and attract them to learn more about cryptocurrency.
  • You will need a few tools in order to make this work. If you know how to build a website then you can simply copy the embed code for each video and add to your own site. If you don’t know how to build a website and you want my instant site creator then keep reading.

Instant Website

  • Watch the video below to see how you can instantly duplicate any website I create by copying and pasting an 9 digit code. All you have to do is edit and customize the site to complete.


Step 1: Set Up Instant Lead Capture Website


  1. Click this button to register your OSP Instant website creator account.
  2. Follow along with the above video tutorial to set up your instant website [QUICK & EASY]
  3. The codes needed to duplicate my cryptocurrency mini-course site are below [use as shown in video]
  • Capture page: a70865638
  • Info page: a558ad3f3
  • Video 1: a7161f323
  • Video 2: a3ec25c8a
  • Video 3: a63af199b
  • Video 4: ab4212456
  • Video 5: a889b0028
  • Video 6: a6a89c70f
  • EXTRA CAPTURE PAGE 1: a4a8b4591
  • EXTRA CAPTURE PAGE 2: a2db66c11
  • EXTRA CAPTURE PAGE 3: a7c5c5ea8
  • EXTRA CAPTURE PAGE 4: ae11ab81e



Future Wealth Creators LIVE page (insert your username where indicated): http://www.futurewealthcreators.com/live/?user=yourusernamehere

[edit the above link to include your username for the ‘next button’ on the ‘info page’ as shown in the video tutorial]

Step 2: Set Up Lead Capture / Email Marketing System For Your Website

  1. Use the button below the video to sign up for Aweber [FREE 30 Day Trial]
  2. Follow along with the video to set up your system.
  3. Use this code to duplicate my email follow up series: awlist4474932-5e395-$F




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