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5 Deadly Serious Reasons Your Bank Is Unsafe

5 Deadly Serious Reasons Your Bank Is Unsafe

Since the introduction of “Federally Insured Banking” by FDR, the general public consensus has been that our money is safe in banks. Throughout history, central banks have aligned themselves with political forces and have abused their power to the detriment of bank account holders (the citizens).

In the following video, we take a look at the top 5 reasons that our money/life savings is not going to be safe in the traditional banking system long term:


  1. Cyprus Bank Theft
    Back in April 2013, the citizens of Cyprus, Greece, learned that when their central bank makes lousy lending decisions, it could very well destroy half of their life savings. Three Cyprus banks experienced a crisis in 2013, and they ran to the European Union, looking for a bailout.  But they were denied! What happened next? A new concept called a “BAIL IN” was introduced. All account holders in the three financial institutions in question had a “one-time” wealth tax applied to the balances of their accounts.  This tax equated to up to 40% of everyone’s total savings! Just imagine that you were finally ready to buy your dream home, you had all $350,000 in the bank. But the next day, you wake up to a new balance of $200,000. $150,000 is missing from your account because you chose to save it where you thought it would be safe: the bank!
  2. Your bank Doesn’t Have All The Money. 
    Banks practice something called fractional reserve banking. What this means is that they don’t have to hold your money in the bank. And for every dollar that your bank has on the books, it is allowed to lend out many times more.  If you deposit $100 in your account, your bank can then lend out $900.  The banks are in the business of creating debt, and they are using your money to do it irresponsibly.
  3. Quantitative Easing Causes Inflation
    You probably heard of this term in the news whenever the Federal Reserve’s money-printing practices. “Quantitative Easing” is when the Federal Reserve prints more U.S. dollars into the world’s money supply. The long term effect of quantitative easing is that it makes our U.S. dollar currency worthless. It is a straightforward concept of supply and demand, which erodes your buying power.  Another reason why your money is not only unsafe in banks but also unsafe being held primarily in USD!  And this is why so many people are looking for reliable ways to diversify out of the dollar before it’s value goes to zero.
  4. Regulations & Limits On Your Money
    The central banking system will impose limits on access to your money.  You have to play by their rules!  For example, look at daily withdrawal limits and international wire transfer fees.  They limit how much money you can take out and make it cost-prohibitive to move it around. Were you aware that your government also forces your bank to comply with ridiculous anti-money laundering laws that unfairly restrict your ability to use and manage your own money as you please? Some of these laws involve reporting requirements on all transactions that are over $10,000—or reporting on a series of operations which appear to be efforts at avoiding the $10k reporting threshold. Your bank is required by the government to spy on you and how you use your money.  And of course, they provide that information to the government. Other types of limitations involve limits on international transfers.  Moving money around the world is not only cost prohibitive but limited in access.  Many banks out there do not even provide the service! The question you have to ask yourself: is your money sincerely yours if you can’t use it, withdraw it, and spend it at your discretion? Logic would say no.
  5. BAIL Ins Are Now Considered A Good Solution?
    The International Monetary Fund has publicly stated that the Cyprus Model of “bailing in” the insolvent banks is a good strategy. But can only be successful if the account holders do not try to take their money before the bail-in happens. And ironically, the United States publicly agreed. If you think your bank is immune to needing a “Cyprus-style Bail-In,” you are mostly sticking your head in the sand.





Are you feeling pretty solid about your bank now?  Probably not, I suppose.  I bet you are wondering what you can do to diversify outside of the dollar and reduce your exposure to the risks presented by over-reliance on our failing banking institutions.  The good news is that there is a solution that we can all use to help us get through the rocky transition, which will be the failure of our banking system.


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