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Watch The Global Movement Of Fiat Currency Into Bitcoin [In Real Time!]

Watch The Global Movement Of Fiat Currency Into Bitcoin [In Real Time!]

If you still don’t quite understand just how large the new financial industry is [cryptocurrency], then the following information is for you!


First, take into consideration the size of the Foreign Exchange Market [FOREX], which accounts for the movement of all money globally.


If you review the wiki entry for FOREX, you will find that according to the International Bank of Settlements that in 2016 the global market is averaging a movement of $5.09 TRILLION per day.  Try multiplying $5.09 Trillion by 365 days. And you will find the result to be $1857.85 Trillion annually!  The FOREX Market is currently the most valuable industry in the world by far.


Now I want to present to you a way you can view the real-time movement of fiat currency globally into the Bitcoin cryptocurrency market.


And in watching this, you will see firsthand that every second of the day, as massive money is siphoned from the FOREX Market into the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency financial market!

Watch The Following Video To See The Real-Time Movement of Money Into Bitcoin Globally.



Daily the largest buyers of Bitcoin in the world in this order are China, USA, South Africa, Russia, Europe.  China is by far the country that is the most awake [at the time of this writing] and is purchasing massive amounts of bitcoin every second of the day.


The USA is pretty sizeable in comparison to the velocity of acquisition happening in the rest of the world, but the masses are still waking up to it here.


Try leaving this website [FiatLeak.com] running in your browser for an hour [does not work on mobile] and see how much bitcoin is purchased globally within that time frame if this does not open your eyes. I do not know what will!


And what are people doing with all this bitcoin they are purchasing?  Several things:

  • They are diversifying their savings out of government fiat currency, which is an unreliable store of wealth thanks to the threat of bank failure and insolvent governments.  Cryptocurrency is a plan b to prepare for these impending dangers!
  • They are leveraging money for significant to MASSIVE growth into the future, riding the wave of this emerging financial industry that has the potential to consume the entire FOREX MARKET [$1857.85 Trillion Annually].
  • They are trading bitcoin for altcoins that have promising new blockchain technologies.  Many coins in the market have started at a mere fraction of a cent in value [like a penny stock] and have risen exponentially in value!  [representing a MASSIVE opportunity]
  • They are taking action with cryptocurrency to secure an income in the most significant emerging financial industry in the world.
  • They are securing their financial future for generations to come with the kind of wealth that will be generated by this industry.


There is a massive opportunity to get yourself financially positioned for enormous wealth in this emerging industry via trading and business.  It’s rather hard to wrap your mind around the true potential of it all, but you can see it’s enormity when you start looking at the facts as we have.


Now thinking of the size of the market as we discussed.  Imagine if a company with success in the industry was able to capture just 1% of the $1857.85 Trillion annual financial markets.


That would equate to the company being worth $18.58 Trillion!  Just a fraction of 1% of the total movement of all the money in the world would still ultimately equate to a trillion-dollar company.  That is precisely how massive the opportunity is with the crypto markets!


Now that you’ve wrapped your mind around that.  I offer you the opportunity to gain my mentorship and work with me in the cryptocurrency industry to create a massive long term income that will make it, so you never have to work another business ever again.


You will learn how to leverage your money the way the wealthy have been doing it since the beginning of money as a concept. The secret is to make money work for you!


And in doing so, you’ll never have to ‘work for’ money ever again because that is a waste of your limited time.


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I hope you found value in my post, and now have a clear view of what is going on in the financial world right under everyone’s noses.  More and more people are waking up, and hopefully, you will be one that wakes up in time to truly change your life from the opportunity we have at hand!


Until next time,
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