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I’m Not Arnold, But I’M BACK! [Learn What I’ve Been Doing In The Lab…]

I’m Not Arnold, But I’M BACK! [Learn What I’ve Been Doing In The Lab…]

Hello friends, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any updates here.  But it’s about time for that to change.  But first let me get into the reasons why, I took a hiatus from blogging and marketing in general…

I took time to seclude myself in my business labs to produce the crown jewel of everything I’ve done up until this point in life and business.  My greatest work to date, where I have helped 500+ from all around the world to start changing their lives and create success stories of their own with cryptocurrency and social media.

This all started back in 2015, when I first discovered the concept of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  Seeing the opportunity before me, I started investing any extra money I could get into bitcoin back when it was at a bear market low of $250 per coin, I even took a couple of loans at the time.   People thought I was crazy, believing in this ‘magic internet money’.   I moved the bitcoin onto an exchange and started experimenting with trading.  I saw real quickly that you could literally make money trading cryptocurrencies, with a few clicks of the mouse, from the convenience of home or anywhere you have internet access….

Excited with my discovery, I knew this was something I was going to have to learn and master, as I could see it having the potential to change my life.  I once again spent a lot of money on training from multiple courses on trading and investing in financial markets, and I learned how to do technical analysis to maximise my results trading.  And I also learned how to do market research and delved into the fundamentals 100’s of cryptocurrency projects to find the very best ones to trade, invest and even mine for passive income.

Inception Of The Mastermind That Would Change Everything…

When I first started trading I started a mastermind chat group for people who were interested in working together as a team to maximise their success on trading, investing and mining the cryptocurrency market by sharing our trading ideas, analysis and market research information with each other on a 24-7 basis.  And this has proven to be incredibly effective with people participating from all over the world.

I created this group because I knew with so much happening in the cryptocurrency market everyday, that as one person with only two eyes, two ears, one brain and finite time, you are going to miss out on so many profitable opportunities, because timing in the markets can sometimes mean the difference between making small profits or making life changing money…

I had experienced this first hand as I would see so many coins that would go up 300-1000% or more in short notice, but it just so happened that I was just not getting certain bullish info in time, which would have indicated that it was a good time to buy certain coins while they are low… so I knew we needed a way to stay on top of as much as possible in the crypto market, and keep ourselves in front of as many of these profitable opportunities as possible.   Because once you experience a few of these kind of profits, you are really going to see your portfolio growth start to take off and bring you closer to your financial goals…

So Through 2016 the cryptocurrency market went through a really tough bear market and so many great altcoins were available at rock bottom prices for whoever was smart and brave enough to scoop them up.

Through our mastermind’s combined market research efforts we had identified several altcoins that had really high potential for the future thanks to their rock solid fundamentals, of which were actually quite different for each coin.

I had invested substantial amounts of bitcoin into bear market low positions of Syscoin, XEM and Ripple, when they were literally trading at a fraction of a cent per coin…

In the process of all this, one of the key things I learned about was market cycles, which to just keep it simple for now, understanding ‘market cycle’s’ and how to trade them will help you maximise on your trading strategy of ‘buying low and selling high’ and make life changing money.

And it’s not just theory, because this is what I am telling you from personal experience.

Each of these coins ended up booming through the 2017 bull market, with Syscoin and XEM each reaching highs over $1 [which is over a 19,900% gain at just the $1 mark].  Ripple ended up going over $3 per coin which was a 59,900% gain.

See what happened for yourself in the charts below…




Using my recommended trading strategy for the tops of market cycles, I ended up selling large portions of each of these coins to rake in an incredible amount of bitcoin which I used moving forward to diversify and build an incredible crypto portfolio which will further multiply my bitcoin as we move forward into the future of this market and world changing industry.  And that’s what I want to see happen for you as you embark on your crypto trading journey with us….

Because the most beautiful part about it all, was that I was not the only one winning.  I’ve had so many people from my Mastermind chat group who have thanked me from the bottom of their hearts, letting me know that it was thanks to their involvement in our mastermind chat group, that they were following the conversation of our chat group, and took action on certain information that was shared about these and other coins that helped them to make life changing gains with crypto trading.

My Bitcoin Lifestyles Course Enters The 36 Chambers…


So with this incredible success, I decided to use my skills at developing easy to follow training videos to share my crypto trading and investing knowledge and give back to the world by helping as many good people as possible to set themselves up for success with the cryptocurrency markets, and really make a positive impact on the world as a result.

So that’s when I decided to create the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Crypto Trading Mastery Course to go hand in hand with my Crypto Mastermind Group.  I developed a comprehensive video based course designed for everyone from the complete crypto newbie, someone who has been trading for a while but is struggling and wants to learn how achieve the success they know is possible, or someone who already has a lot of experience trading markets, but wants to learn the nuances of the crypto market….

And no matter where you fit in, everyone needs to know about the best assets to be trading, investing and mining PERIOD so you can build your portfolio the right way… and Bitcoin Lifestyles Club does all of this for you and more.

I’ve made painstakingly sure to leave no stone unturned in giving you nothing but the best and most complete information and training, to maximise your success with the bitcoin and the crypto markets with over 60 videos that cover everything you need to know from A to Z about using cryptocurrency, analyzing and trading the crypto markets for profit and ways of mining cryptocurrency for an easy passive income that you seriously need in your life.

I’ll just give you a quick run down of all the training you are going to recieve with your Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Membership.

With your Bitcoin Lifestyles Club membership you are going to receive…

  • A full Spectrum Video Based Training: Basic Training for Complete Noobs, Advanced Training & Novice Traders & Trading Veteran’s.
  • A Complete Guide To Using The Top Three Cryptocurrency Exchanges for trading altcoins [Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex]
  • Day Trading Fundamentals [The basics]
  • Methods of Technical Analysis [candlestick patterns, momentum indicators etc.]
  • Crypto Trading Strategies
  • Market Research Strategies & Information Sources
  • Access to Our Market Research & Portfolio Picks [regularly updated]
  • Access to our Private Crypto Mastermind Chat Group [a 24-7 crypto markets discussion on Slack]
  • Access to Private Crypto Mining Mastermind Chat Group [stay on top of the best coins to mine and learn how to setup a mining rig]
  • Includes BONUS Access to Crypto Mining Mastery: Learn how to setup Masternodes and participate in wallet staking to earn crypto 100% passively!
  • Also includes BONUS Access to my Facebook Lead Generation Mastery course, which teaches everything I know about monetizing Facebook designed for the affiliate or network marketer who is looking to get more sales for their business:
  • Everyday posting & idea generation strategy
  • 5-10 [or more] Leads Per Day Method
  • How to handle the conversation with prospects
  • Powerful Facebook networking scripts
  • Facebook Personal Branding How-To
  • Learn the secret to ‘Attraction Marketing’ on Facebook
  • Learn about the most powerful Facebook Automation Tool available
  • And your going to recieve ongoing added value as I create new videos every time I learn something new that can help YOU maximise your success with the cryptocurrency markets and business online!
  • Future Instagram networking and traffic course….

Now who is this for? This is for YOU!

  • This is for someone who has been struggling to make money online, and doesn’t necessarily like affiliate marketing or selling in general.
  • This is for someone who wants to find a way to invest in themselves and make their money work for them in their ‘spare time’ so you can finally get ahead in life financially.
  • This is for someone who is completely new to bitcoin.
  • This is for someone who has been trading crypto for a while, and is either struggling and not getting the results they want, this is for the person who wants to learn how to take the success they have already developed and scale it up.
  • This is for the crypto trader who is already having success but wants access to an active, experienced and diverse community that will help keep them on top of the profitable opportunitities of the cryptocurrency market.
  • And for this is also for the person who actually does like affiliate marketing as my facebook mastery course which I throw in as an added bonus will undoubtably help you boost your sales, using the same exact methods that I use for my own business.


These areas are where Bitcoin Lifestyles Club delivers in spades.  And I have to tell you, we are so much different than any other bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading course in the world.  Why?  Because we teach anyone, people from all walks of life from all over the world, and we help walk them all the way into their own success stories.

We have people earning anywhere from 4 figure, 5 figure, 6 figure all the way up to 8 figure income earners from various backgrounds and disciplines who have come to us and say ‘hey, we don’t know how to get this whole crypto trading game down, we don’t know how it works, we keep losing money making stupid mistakes’, and we’ve gone ahead and shown them, hands on how to stop making mistakes and start winning consistently.

The crypto marketplace is constantly evolving, and with what we bring to the table with Bitcoin Lifestyles Club and our mastermind group, we keep you updated on everything you need to know to stay ahead of the curve and keep maximising your profitability as a result.  Technnology changes fast and markets eventually follow accordingly, so your participation in our Crypto Mastermind Group will be crucial in helping you to stay in the conversation and ‘in the know’ so you can make the same moves as the smart money of the market.

In order to have REAL success with cryptocurrency you really need to understand how the markets work, how to analyze them, and make profitable trading decisions, you need the market research that we have already done for you, in determining the best coins to trade and invest in… and it is extremely helpful to be working with a group of people as a team with the same goals and aspirations, many of which will have more experience than you, which will accelerate your learning and exponentially increase your rate of success over time…

And that’s exactly what Bitcoin Lifestyles Club does for you.  So we’re going to walk you through A to Z everything you need to know to have massive success with the cryptocurrency markets and get you on the way to reaching your financial goals whether you want to experience your first 6 figure year, earn 5 figures per month, your first million, or even if you’d just plain be happy making any money at all for starter’s…

Are You Ready To Prepare For The Future And Position Yourself for Life Changing Wealth?

A historic opportunity is in front of you with the emerging cryptocurrency markets and at Bitcoin Lifestyles Club we have the blueprints to your crypto trading success, just waiting for you to dig in and take action.

And the great news for you, is that you get LIFETIME access to all of this for a very low one time fee.   And even better for YOU is that we are delivering all this value at a fraction of the price of competing courses that have price tags ranging anywhere from $500 to $2000 for access to training that is not as comprehensive and DOES NOT include access to a 24-7 running mastermind chat group that has been running with over 3 years of market experience like ours.  If you want to get with the best, Bitcoin Lifestyles Club shines above the rest, and you should come shine with us.

And we have so many success stories of all sizes, but don’t just take my word for it, you can review the testimonials on my website that has more information about the course and mastermind group:

CLICK HERE to for BLC Member Testimonials <<== CLICK HERE Then Scroll Down Page For Testimonials

If you are ready to get started with me now, I look forward to see you on the inside in my mastermind group and for you to start having the success that you deserve.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I’m going to give you a more in depth overview of the training and value you will receive with your Bitcoin Lifestyles Club membership and mastermind chat group access…

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Bitcoin Lifestyles Club and the crypto industry.  I’m happy to help!

Until next time,
bitcoin-wealthP.S. Still confused about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain?  You NEED to take a look at my FREE Crypto Mini Course where you can start learning everything you need to know so you don’t let the opportunity to position your family for a MASSIVELY secure financial future fall through your grasp… Trends like this only come around once in a lifetime, and the window for opportunity can often be very short…  But no worries my friend, I’m here to guide the way!

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