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Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson Prepares For The Coming Financial Crisis

Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson Prepares For The Coming Financial Crisis

The chairman of one of the biggest U.S. e-commerce companies OVERSTOCK, Jonathan Johnson, has made some significant preparations for the coming financial crisis! His company has stockpiled over $10 MILLION worth of gold and silver rounds they can use to continue to supply ‘payroll’ and keep business going during the coming financial crisis.


Overstock’s employees will be protected and still have the means to conduct trade during a period when our government-issued U.S. dollars will be worth absolutely zero, and our way of life will be turned upside down as we know it.


Heck, he has even stockpiled three months’ worth of dried food for all his employees plus one spouse (or family member) each. It looks like Overstock will still be doing business while everyone else Is down and out of business.


what-is-a-cryptocurrency Compared to gold, it’s much easier to spend and trade the less costly but still significantly valuable silver coins. Just look, one single U.S. issue silver eagle (1 oz of .999 silver).


It is worth almost $20 per coin right now and will be quite a lot more valuable than that after the reset happens. We could be looking at triple the value or more per each silver ounce coin.


I have also prepared it in another way. Through Cryptocurrency with Capricoin. A central bank or government does not control cryptocurrencies, and their value is not tied pegged or tied to any fiat currency (like the U.S. dollar.)


So when fiat currency fails us (inevitable), the value of cryptocurrencies will be more likely to stay the same or increase significantly in value as opposed to a drop.


Just think about it, the demand will be higher than ever for a fully fungible and functional currency that we can conduct trade with and go on with life as we need to.


Cryptocurrency has helped many people in situations of financial crises that have been happening around the world recently (i.e., Greece, Spain, Portugal.)


Struggles for the U.S. economic system appear to be imminent. Precious metals provide a way to prepare for this and protect ourselves financially.


out-of-timeWhat are you going to do while there is still time? This moment we are in is historical, we still have the buying power of the U.S. dollar to get ready for when that buying power is gone forever!


I ask again, what have you done or what are you going to do to prepare yourself while there is still time left?

If this post still hasn’t fully woken you up to the cold hard reality, check out the video where Jonathan Johnson CEO of Overstock explains how he has prepared his company for the upcoming U.S. bank failures and global reset:



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