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What Is Cryptocurrency? It’s The Future Of Money!

What Is Cryptocurrency?  It’s The Future Of Money!


What is cryptocurrency? It is a decentralized digital ledger comprised of four different technologies that work together: blockchain, proof-of-work, P2P network, and cryptography.  Blockchain is the most recognizable and discussed of these underlying technologies.


A cryptocurrency is virtually impossible to counterfeit thanks to the blockchain and cryptography. Another great feature of a cryptocurrency is that a central bank does not issue it, and the algorithm limits the total supply from ever being expanded. 


These features make a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin immune to government interference or manipulation.


Cryptocurrencies make it easier to transfer funds between two parties via digital wallet transactions. These crypto transfers are secure through the use of public and private key level encryption.


These fund transfers are done with zero processing fees, enabling users to avoid the steep fees charged by most banks and financial institutions for wire transfers.

what-is-cryptocurrency-capricoinBitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever invented with the first generation blockchain technology. Bitcoin launched in 2009, and within four years, it rose from a value of just pennies per coin to hundreds of dollars per coin.


UPDATE: (highest value ever achieved just under $20k+ per coin as of Dec. 2017).


Bitcoin has paved the way for the trend and emerging TRILLION DOLLAR financial industry that is cryptocurrency.  You can spend Bitcoin at thousands of websites online (Overstock.com, for example, which now accepts multiple kinds of cryptocurrencies), AND many physical locations are now taking it as a form of payment… and there are even Bitcoin ATM’s!


Many people who purchased Bitcoin while it was mere cents per coin are now millionaires today!  I bet you are thinking, ‘damn, wish I knew about Bitcoin back then’! I was disappointed when I learned that I had missed the boat.


Ever since then, I’ve been watching the cryptocurrency industry, looking for the next ‘Bitcoin Opportunity.’


And the good news is that the ‘Next Bitcoin Opportunity’ is finally here with a new cryptocurrency called Capricoin that uses a second-generation blockchain technology that is more secure and processes payments in real-time (way FASTER than Bitcoin).


Learn how you can position yourself to profit massively with the Capricoin cryptocurrency watching the following short 6-minute video.

What Is Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin?:


How Can I Benefit From Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?


Ever since I discovered Bitcoin several years ago, I have been completely fascinated by the technology and the industry.  I fell in love with this technology, and it’s potentials to change the world and take power back from the banks and put it back into the hands of ordinary people.


I have ended up absorbing 1000’s of industry news pieces in an effort to stay on top of the flow of industry information. I continue to delve deep into the forums of start-up cryptocurrency projects and network with cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, developers, and fanatics from all over the world. Overall it’s been amazingly eye-opening, mind-expanding experience, and ultimately, it’s generated a lot of new wealth in my life.


Now I’m sure your wondering, “how exactly do you make money with Bitcoin/cryptocurrency?”  Well, the beautiful thing about this industry is that it is also a fully-fledged Financial Market, which is trade-able via cryptocurrency exchanges on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis.


I ultimately learned how to trade this market, and it changed my life in a few short years, as I have developed a million-dollar-plus portfolio of cryptocurrency coins that is growing in value every day.


So with all that research that I have done and still regularly engage in, I have discovered some incredible trading / investing opportunities with some undeniably strong projects / emerging cryptocurrencies that I have personally discovered over the years.


I have also learned the in’s and out’s of analyzing and trading this financial market for profit. I have been helping others learn how to get into bitcoin/crypto and follow my path of success through my Crypto Mastery Trading Course and Mastermind Group.


Did I spark your interest in learning more about this incredible technology, financial opportunity, and the second coming of the internet boom? Are you ready to learn more?


If you are ready to take the next step, I’ll show you how to buy your very first amount of bitcoin AND how to start and use your very first bitcoin wallet!


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I hope you have found massive value in this post, and I look forward to hearing back from you about it!  Connect With Me On Facebook, I would be happy to discuss bitcoin with you and help you get started.


Until next time, cheers to your success!
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