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What Is The Future Of Money? [Fiat Currency vs. Cryptocurrency]

What Is The Future Of Money? [Fiat Currency vs. Cryptocurrency]

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The future of money is cryptocurrency.


Due to government mismanagement and unsustainable monetary policies, our money is no longer safe for the long term in our government-issued fiat currencies (like the USD.)  We have seen the trend since 2008’s banking crisis and even before the growth curve of this unsustainable trend of debt spending.


Finally, with cryptocurrency, we have a way to take our money out of the control of the government, before we come to the day where y(our) country pulls a ‘Greece’… and decides to bail in the banking system with depositor accounts.  The government has the power to freeze your account and take your money.


With cryptocurrency, there is no central authority managing or manipulating the money supply.  The checks and balances are kept straight by the public ledger blockchain technology that makes cryptocurrency capable of replacing the banking system.


There is a revolution in currency underway, and we are right in the midst of it! (It started in 2009 with the invention of bitcoin / the first cryptocurrency.)


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