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My Las Vegas DS Domination Convention Experience… Awesome!!!

My Las Vegas DS Domination Convention Experience…  Awesome!!!

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This past Sunday I returned home worn and weary from an amazing weekend in Las Vegas… at the DS Domination Convention! I did get a little bit of Texas Hold’em Poker and pool time in, but the main attraction was this incredible event that was hosted by a company that is currently taking it’s business model viral.

The DS Domination Convention

DS Domination Convention

DS Domination has been out for less than a year, and there were around 3,000 in attendance at their first annual business convention.

This was also my first real business convention. I’ve never made it to the big show, in any of the other network marketing businesses I have ever been a part of.

I guess that DS Domination kind of changed everything for me. And it also changed everything for the lives of way more than just the 3,000 people who were not at the event. My team alone is over 400 people large and we have an incredible Facebook Group where we mastermind and help each other out. We have incredible personalities, leaders and a culture of motivation and support. I was lucky to meet many people from my team this time around… but I know with how things are turning out, and from what I witnessed at the event, that many more people will be making it to next years event. I’m sure that it will sell out very quickly in 2015. I know that I wouldn’t chance missing it, with what I know now!

It was too valuable of an experience to miss. I had not only the opportunity mastermind with key members and leaders from my team. We came up with solid plans to help our team grow and make more money through viral marketing on Facebook. And the results have been just incredible, and in a short time. I’ve been making connections every day and have already signed up 3 new people to my business in the past two days!

ds domination convention

If you are struggling to make money in your business, and need something that actually works.. and want to work with people that actually know what the heck they are doing in network marketing.. than you should just contact me right now, and lets get started.. otherwise I’m going to continue my story here…

I felt inspired at the event, and decided to shoot a video out on the patio of our mini-suite.  I reflected on my time with DS Domination, how it’s been life changing and how this event has awoken me to the true potential that is at our fingertips with this business.

DS Domination Is Going Viral!  The Time Is Now To Get Started.

At the event a point came where I felt I’ve been asleep to the true potential of this business. The event woke me up to this as I witnessed hundreds of people give testimony to their results on stage. So many people have achieved a 5 figure income within months by selling on eBay and Amazon. They just took the training in DS Domination, went to work and hit the hammer as hard as they could. One person named Reginald Stinson had achieved $250k in just 6 months by selling on Amazon.

I know I’m well on my way to where these guys are. Just yesterday I earned $412.99 profit on one single item!!

DS Domination Convention

DS Domination Is The Treasure Map, And Financial Freedom Is The Treasure!

One person earned $20k in one month from the sale of a single water bottle!

In this business we call it ‘List, List, List’. You do the research and then you position yourself in the direction of the flow of money (i.e. listing on eBay & Amazon). Then sales, profits and money just flow to you automatically. The sales come in and your phone goes CHA CHING thanks to the handy ol’ eBay app.

Something that really impressed me at the convention was the fact that their technical wizard Hitesh Juneja has developed an Amazon Item Scanning Mobile App. It will be made available for members of DS Domination in short time, but we watched a cool video of Dionne Jaffe shopping at the grocery store and scanning items to see what could be sold. The app finds out how profitable the item is, and if it’s available on Amazon or not. You can be the first one to sell an item on Amazon, if you find something unique! And you can also find new things to source from online using this method too. And of course they built in a function where you can refer someone to DS Domination and have them sign up right through your phone!

Another awesome thing being made available to members of DS Domination is a partnership with a company called Via Trading. We have access to retail leftovers at as low as 5% the original cost that we can take and flip on eBay. Now if that is not powerful, I don’t know what is!

We also learned a ton of secrets and and recieved training that is helping to increase our sales on eBay and Amazon.  We got specific training on how to further master the ‘Taming Of The Cassini Monster’ (eBay’s search engine algo).  I’ve implemented it and I’m already getting several more sales per a day because of it!

One of the things that really impressed me and hit home the fact that this business is changing lives every day… was when Norbert Orlewicz from MLSP was on stage and asked everyone in the crowd to stand up if they had made money with DSD.  All 3000 in attendance stand up!  This is a stark contrast to the well known failure rate in the rest of the network marketing industry…  the 85% success rate of the business, and the realness of the opportunity at hand had never been more apparent than that moment.

This Company Is Different, The People Behind It Are All About Family

urlI was really impressed with the human side to this event.  It wasn’t just a ‘rah rah rah’ company cheerleading event.  The people behind this company; Roger Langille, Kevin Hoakana, Hitesh Juneja, Jim Chao (just to name a few) are all about helping people and doing the right thing.  The event was also very comedic.  These guys are true friends, and it was full of funny videos and hilarious antics.  Many of the same antics and personality that we’ve come to know and love them for from all the weekly webinars, were on full display.

But there was more to this than good times and comedy.

We heard a story about how Hitesh and his family had to sell their home and give up most of what they had to save their son from Cancer.  A cancerous lump that started small and grew to the size of a baseball, had formed on his son’s body.  Hitesh ended up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on superfoods for his son, and avoided doing the chemotherapy.  They eventually had him take the chemo treatment, but thanks to all the foods that Hitesh had researched and fed to his son, they were able to reduce the lump and cause the cancer to go back into remission.

After that occurred, the cancer doctors started consulting with Hitesh.

So we have a miracle to start off with.  Then after that, we meet a fellow by the name of Steve Guttridge.  One of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time.  He was severely injured in a motorcycle accident when he was 18 years old and paralyzed from the chest down.  He had many rods inserted into his legs and back and has been in a wheelchair since.  At one point in his life he decided to start learning network marketing.. how to make money online.  It was something he could handle.

He ended up spending quite a lot of money.  He sold his retrofitted car so that he could garner up funds for his marketing budget.  Than this past late fall, he stumbles into DS Domination.  He starts making money on eBay and actually having success online for the first time.  He had tried other companies, but had no luck.  He was ecstatic to have finally found a solution to improve his life.

In the course of all this Roger and the crew had actually met him and helped him get the ball rolling faster with his business.  They became friends!  Fast forward to the event in Las Vegas… and Hitesh gives away one of his cars, retrofitted and ready to use for Steve Guttridge.  Not only that, but they made him the first customer of the new company product called Genesis (a value of $999), so that he can continue to take his business to a higher level and help him to live a better life.

The people who run this company don’t just even care about all of us… they just plain care about people and human life in general.  They have good hearts!

This Is Life Changing Information… A Major Turning Point In Your Life!


Now that you’ve bare witness to what I know… are you happy with where your earnings are at?  With what your 9-5 job is doing for you?  Are you struggling?  Are you sick of struggling?

You don’t have to live like that anymore, that’s just crazy.  You can get started right now making money online, even if you only have your spare time available.  For only $20 you can learn how to generate a sale within hours and make your first profit.  I personally had my first sale within 3 hours and made a $43 profit.  I was in profit the same day I signed up for the training!!

If you are ready to make a change, and take your life as a whole to another life by creating financial freedom.  This is the easiest way that I’ve ever seen in my life.  I had been looking for years for a solid, dependable way to make money online without having to recruit.. and I never found it until DS Domination.

You are also welcome to call me at 802-444-0667 or you can Click Here To Connect With Me On Facebook

I’d be honored to help yet another person have real success with this business and would be happy to talk to you about it.

To Your Future Success!

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ds domination convention

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