DS Domination Review: Make $100-$300 Per Day With eBay Dropshipping

DS Domination Review: Make $100-$300 Per Day With eBay Dropshipping

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Today I will be reviewing a system and model of business that has changed my life in a short time.  I’m sharing this because I feel it has tremendous value and the power to change many other peoples lives, in addition to my own… and I just plain love to share good things with my friends!  This is my DS Domination Review..  Kick back, relax and enjoy learning about the Drop Shipping model of business!

Back in November I discovered something that has changed my life and transformed the way I do business online. I had found a way to earn a serious income online, that does not require having to recruit new members into the business.  I also did not need to know any complicated marketing methods like Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), YouTube Marketing, Blogging, Facebook or Twitter Marketing.  None of these things were needed to start earning right away!

It started one day when I noticed my friend Patrick making some interesting posts to his Facebook wall.  He had mentioned exactly what I just told you.  He had found the simplest and most surefire way to make money online, that he had ever seen in his life.  This prompted me to send him a private message just to see what the heck was going on!  He let me know that in one mere week that he easily made $500…  His first week in the business!  To me this sounded like the perfect way to work from home… I just had to give it a shot.

…and so onto the part one of my DS Domination Review.


DS Domination Review

DS Domination Review Part 1: Learn Dropshipping… It’s As Easy As Copy & Paste!

After hearing about Patricks incredible results I had to give the business a closer look.  So I watched the video, and saw that the business involved eBay…  and that the business Patrick was marketing was merely a comprehensive video training course called “DS Domination”.

You learn dropshipping on eBay, the most popular global online selling platform.  You target products to sell online that you never have to inventory (you never have to touch these products to sell them).  DS Domination teaches you how to build a long term business ‘Drop Shipping’ products to eBay customers online.

DS Domination Review: Highlights Of The eBay Dropshipping Home Business

  • You learn where to source the products online (Amazon, and other Fortune 500 sources).  You learn how to research and analyze the online market to determine a product’s profitability.
  • Then you learn how to create (using copy and paste description from Amazon.com) and optimize your product listings on eBay, so that your listings rank higher in the eBay search results than your competition..  Which results in more sales and profits!
  • Most importantly you learn strategies and important ‘Drop Shipping Trade Secrets’ that will guide you through any situation that may occur in this business (returns, refunds, etc.) and show you how to provide the quality of customer service that will keep your feedback and seller rating positive for the long term success of your eBay business….
  • You are kept up to date with developments in the industry and seasonal tactics that will make you more money, by being subscribed to the companies weekly webinar series.


I couldn’t believe what I had learned next about this business.  having seen so many ‘home business opportunities’ in my life, and for the serious value being delivered, I thought that I’d be paying at least several hundred to gain access to this training.  My jaw dropped when I learned that I could gain access to a blueprint that was going to show me how to earn at least $150-$300 per day through eBay, for only $19.95 per month!!  This turned out being the best $19.95 that I’ve ever spent.  It’s literally a $20 decision to get started with a home business that can be generating profits for you mere hours after getting started.

The next part of my DS Domination review details my quick results after getting started with ebay drop shipping…

DS Domination Review Part 2: Getting Started & Early Bird Results!

So I got started right away, and happily paid the $19.95 price of admission.  Right off the bat, Patrick added me to his team’s Facebook Group / Community. I found this extremely valuable, as he just added me to a group of like minded people who were leveraging this ‘Drop Shipping’ model of business.  I found that many of the successful sellers in the business, were providing excellent support to the ‘newbies’. Patrick also made it clear he was available if I needed any help getting started.  What an awesome and encouraging environment to get to learn a new online business venture.

I wasted no time and watched all 19 video training modules, while taking thorough notes on everything I learned.  I completed this task in just under 2 hours.  I also watched a single recorded webinar training that went more in depth on the product research process.  By the time I finished watching all these videos and taking my notes, I was starting to feel like an authority on the business and was ready to crank out my first listings on eBay!

DS Domination Review WARNING:  After I learn how to drop ship like a champ… I MAKE IT RAIN WITH PROFITS!

I spent under 2 hours getting used to the product research and eBay listing process for the first time.  I managed to find eight items to list that seemed like they had good prospects.  It was later in the evening at this point, and I was feeling sleepy so I decided to take a nap and get back to it later.  I woke up 3 hours later and found that I had made my first sale…  and at an incredible $43 profit! I sold a warehouse style, key hanging security lockbox sourced from Amazon.com.  I made an over 200% return on my original investment of $19.95.  Eureka, my first ebay dropshipping success story!

Having seen the strategy of this business work before my very eyes, I was quick to share my incredible result with my friends and fans on Facebook.  When I first signed up I learned that I could earn 50% commissions on any referrals I make to this ‘comprehensive video training system’.  So I figured why not share it with people who really need it? Why not share it with people who really need an additional stream of income in their lives, that they can start to grow in their spare time and scale up as they start having success?  Why not bring something to the table that can potentially be the source of many people’s first success in ‘making money online’!

With this mindset I successfully referred a handful of people to the business in my first week.  During the same time span, I amped up my catalogue of eBay products to 50 listings while making more sales along the way.  My first week in the business brought me over $200 profit and the start to my residual income that I’ve developed in a big way since then.  Over the course of the next two months I continued to make many sales on eBay while only putting a ‘spare time’ effort into the business.  When I started in DS Domination I was already involved with running my Web Design business (www.CommonWealthWebSolutions.com) full time.  So I only had my spare time to be involved with this business to begin with.  With these factors involved, I still managed to earn over $2000 profit on eBay in two months time.  From referring others to the ‘comprehensive video training’ that had brought me such incredible success, I’ve managed to create a growing monthly residual income stream of over $1000.  This is finally an online business where your average joe and newbie internet marketer can get involved and turn a profit without any advanced marketing skills.  Making the choice to learn dropshipping has the potential to bring the cash flow that you need into your life, if you take this training and implement it even on just a part time basis.

The next part of my DS Domination review explains the type of support and coaching that you receive by joining my team.  We are ready to provide you with the support you need, and help you learn how to drop ship like the Pro’s!

Drop Shipping Domination Testimonials:


DS Domination Review

DS Domination Review Part 3: How I’m Helping People Like YOU To Generate An Income Online

I could have focused 100% on eBay drop shipping, but I decided to give a focus to referring people to the business so I could develop a monthly residual income on the side of my eBay dropshipping earnings.  In doing this, I decided my best strategy for long term success was to offer my Drop Shipping Coaching expertise and support to everyone who joined my team.  I took the knowledge from the comprehensive video training system that is “DS Domination” and absorbed it like and sponge, quickly transforming myself into an authority on this model of home business.

I have made myself available for all questions as needed by my people.  I have provided excellent support within our Facebook Team’s group, helping many newbies learn the ropes of ‘Drop Shipping’ as their questions arose.  I also started regularly scheduling ‘Google Hangouts’ with members of my team, in order to take a look at their listings, show them where they are going wrong or could improve with their efforts, and get on the road to producing sales…  and profits!  I’m now available by appointment for anyone on my team that needs some assistance.  I’ve found that once I provide the necessary support, that the people I work with become self sufficient and also eventually become authorities on the business and eventually be able to work from home full time…  just like me!

Within my first two months I had successfully built an organization of over 70 people, who I have helped learn how to generate an income online using eBay.  This inspired me to take my efforts even further, and I have written two supplementary trainings that I give to every person who joins my team.

In this part of my DS Domination Review I’d like to detail these resources as follows:

1. eBay Drop Shipping: A Quick Start PDF Guide  

  • This is a supplementary training that is meant to be used to help you rapidly learn the process of ‘eBay dropshipping’, by using this guide to follow along with the 19 Video Training Modules of the DS Domination PRO training.
  • This is basically the cliff notes to the training that is involved in getting you started.  It took me several days to compile all of this information and notes you would normally take for yourself, and I’ve essentially done all the work for you.  When you start doing business with me and join my team, I pass you a copy of this PDF to help you get going quickly.


2. A Guide To Prospecting: How To Share This Home Business Like A PRO

I’ve had a high level of success with referring this work from home business, as I understand how to talk about the nuts and bolts of the money generating activity in such a way that it sells itself.  DS Domination essentially flips the script on network marketing businesses, as it allows you to make money first and recruit later!  This is the first work from home business I have ever seen where you can make your first dollar without having to recruit one single person.

In this home business you can create success online first, by making sales with eBay and learning everything that goes into that process.  With this newfound knowledge you will step into a position of value.  You will possess a valuable skill that is changing your life by allowing you to earn an income online.  And you’ll be doing this using a selling platform that everyone in the world is familiar with!  This makes it real easy for you to start earning referral commissions.  But I don’t expect you to know how to be a pro at prospecting like me, so I’ve developed a training document that explains how to describe the model of business you will be involved with.  I also detail how to overcome any objections that may arise, by leveraging the pure logic of this business, it simply ends up selling itself.  I provide this email training and additional coaching to members of my team as they feel confidence to get out there and earn their first referral commissions.  I’d like to see you make money with both sides of this business, as I am heavily invested in your success as a member of my team!

DS Domination Review Bonus Tip: In addition to making profits from sales as a major benefit to being involved with this business, you also get a chance to build your credit rating in a BIG Way!  Using a credit card to fund the purchases of the items that you will ship to your customers you get a double whammy of BENEFIT!

  • One, you are using your credit responsibly and paying it back on a monthly basis.  Your creditors will love you, and will raise your limits in good time.  Next thing you know, if you don’t already, you will have a very large cushion of credit in which you can use to fund your business.
  • Secondly, you can easily accumulate a ton of ‘FREQUENT FLIER MILES’ every month and end up earning free flights for your next vacation!  There are huge lifestyle implications to getting involved with DS Domination and the “Drop Shipping” model of business, using eBay as the selling platform
  • PRO TIP: The Amazon Chase Rewards Card earns triple cash back points on all Amazon purchases… Woohooo!!


DS Domination Review Testimonials: Positive Feedback From People I’ve Helped To Succeed In This Business

DS Domination Review

DS Domination Review Part 4: The Highest Rate Of Success In The Industry

DS Domination is touted to have an 86% success rate for anyone who gets involved with the eBay dropshipping business.  This is the highest reported success rate in the network marketing industry.  The dismal reality with most home businesses, is that 99% of people who get involved end up failing and quitting within 3-6 months.  With DS Domination people are making their money back and getting into the profit zone within their first month!!  I did it within my first day, which is typically an unheard of result.

I also invite you to connect with me on Facebook in order to continue the conversation, using this link:

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EBAY DROPSHIPPING PROGRESS UDATE #1, Jan. 2014: Fast forwarding to where I am now on the eBay side of the business, and I’ve amped up my number of listings to 100.  This is earning me an average of $100-$150 per day (eBay profits only).  My goal is to reach the 200 listing mark where I should be able to pull in  $200-$300 per day, similar other people on my team who have become major eBay Power Sellers are achieving these type of results.  However remember, these are only averages, because one day I have sold a single item at a $300 profit (it was a big ticket item, available from a serious Fortune 500 Wholesaler).

Thank you for taking the time to read my DS Domination Review!

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    • Thank you for the support Patrick! It’s been a pleasure working with such an accomplished and technical person such as yourself, and I look forward to our continued success 🙂

    • So glad to hear about your success with DS Domination, the business truly is a blessing in our lives, giving us the opportunity to generate an income from home so easily. I’m honored to be of such positive influence in your life, and continuing to do so! Thank you for the feedback Papiloa!

  1. Great post here. The testimonials do it justice but I have allowed DS Domination to open my eyes into its potential. The great thing is, there are endless possibilities with the business model because you can always expand. Thanks for the post, great read!

  2. Great Info Caleb! This System is working and I have only been in less than 10 days. The Sky is the Limit with this program!

    • Thank you Gary! I’m so excited to see you have great success in this business so soon after having started with it. That is what sets this business apart from other network marketing opportunities, you can start generating an income within the first week with ease! Nice job putting your nose to the grindstone and getting to work 🙂

  3. Powerful info, straight to the point, This is an awesome program and everyone involve in network marketing should seriously considered joining.

    That’s what successful marketer like Rob Fore, Marino and Harbert the mojo Twins are doing and many more joining the Band Wagon for one of their greatest ride ever.

    Great job Caleb you surely deserve your success.

    • Thank you for the insightful comment Marc! You really hit the nail on the head here, this program has been adopted by serious online marketers from My Lead System Pro who can see that the sky is the limit with this business. Cheers to your continued success in the business Marc!

  4. Great review Caleb. From what I’ve experienced online, DSD is a game changer. In most cases, if you can’t recruit, you can’t succeed. Not the case with DSD. The video training provided allows everyone to profit on eBay, without learning marketing or recruiting. Thanks for your continued support in DSD, you are a great leader. For anyone that wants to learn how to start creating an income online, team up with Caleb – he knows where he’s going.

    • Thank you for the awesome feedback Collin! You are right about how DS Domination flips the script on the network marketing business model.. you can make money without recruiting.. in fact, it is a system for making money online that is simple and effective and teaches exactly what you need to do step by step to generate an income. When you produce results (i.e. generate profits) you become an authority on the business and can start referring it to others who desire to make money as well. It’s a great system!

  5. Excellent Review Caleb ! You are 100% right when you say it changes lives . Thanks for being so supportive – what a great team DS Domination Rocks the house !!

    • Thank you for the feedback Melissa! I’m so excited to have you along for the ride, and look forward to doing what I can to help you enjoy a high level of success and create a residual income through this business 🙂

  6. Caleb, I LOVE your website/ blogposts!
    In less than two years You have established the foundation for financial independence. Even with your success and ‘troops’ you still manage, proficiently, the education aspect for all joining you. First, you have been an inspiration, then you became a mentor and then you surpassed expectations. Your encouragement has been phenomenal. I have a month into drop shipping, with success so next on my list is to join you in Capricoin mining.
    Thanks again for ALL you do!

    • That is incredible Tannis, I’ve been very excited about your quick success / results learning dropshipping / ecommerce! I look forward to working with you in the world of cryptocurrency / Capricoin mining as well. We have a lot of money making ahead of us!

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