What Is Drop Shipping? [A Question I Answer Quite Often]

What Is Drop Shipping?  [A Question I Answer Quite Often]

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Drop Shipping Is YOUR Key To Easy Copy & Paste Profits Online!

This is a question I hear everyday!  Thanks to the incredible success that myself and so many other people are having with drop shipping, it’s become a popular question online period. You can be a complete newbie to all ‘make money online’ concepts and know absolutely nothing about marketing… and easily generate a profit with drop shipping.  If you have ever made a purchase online…  (And I know you have!) then you already understand a very important part of the process!

“If you are looking for a simple, repeatable & reliable way of making money online…

‘What is drop shipping’ is the right question to ask!”

  1. You don’t even need your own website to sell things online.
  2. Why go to such complication when you can use the most popular online selling platform in the world?  (eBay)
  3. They have all the website traffic and customers in the world.  All YOU have to focus on is listing your items for sale!

eBay Answers The Question “What Is Drop Shipping?”:what is dropshipping

“Product sourcing (sometimes called drop shipping) is one way to sell items on eBay.  Sellers using a product sourcing service never handle the item—instead it is sent directly from a warehouse to the buyer.  The seller collects money from the buyer and pays the product sourcer for the item. This benefits both the buyer and seller.  By purchasing in bulk from a product sourcer, the seller gets a discount and can pass those savings to the buyer.”

To be successful with drop shipping your main focus will be listing items for sale on eBay.  When they sell and you receive payment from the buyer, your primary responsibility will be to promptly purchase the item from your ‘drop shipping source’ and ship to your buyer.  You never have to actually touch, stock or ship the item yourself.  The drop shipping process is run 100% through the internet and It’s truly this easy to make money online!

The Fundamental Steps Of Drop Shipping, It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

So now that I’ve answered the question “What Is Drop Shipping”, I’d like to just give you a quick 3 step breakdown of the process.

  1. Find an item to sell from an online vendor that is already selling for a profit on eBay.
  2. List that same item on eBay for a profit, by undercutting the price of a successful seller on eBay.  You can undercut the seller’s price by as little as $.01 to $1.00.
  3. When the item sells and you’ve received payment from the buyer, you then purchase the item and ship to the buyer.  It’s that easy!

Product Sourcing Is The ‘Bread & Butter’ Of The Drop Shipping Process

We have two options when seeking product to list & sell on eBay.what is ebay drop shipping

  1. We can drop ship products from a ‘one size fits all’ product sourcing subscription service.
  2. We can source our products from reliable Fortune 500 sources such as Amazon & Overstock.

I recommend the second option as you don’t need to pay for a membership to gain access to the products from Amazon & Overstock.  Their shipping is fast & efficient, which is really important for eBay customer satisfaction.  And lets not forget to mention that they have a TON of items for you to select from!

If you really want to use a paid product sourcing service, I’d suggest that you thoroughly research your options.  From what I’ve found, most services have lackluster product quality and their offerings are very generic.  It could hurt the performance of your eBay account if you sell items of low quality as it will increase your rate of returns and possibly even negative feedbacks.

I personally steer clear of product sourcing services & self proclaimed drop shipping sites.  I prefer to stick with the higher quality product offerings from certain online wholesalers and retailers.  To have success with drop shipping, it’s important to have access to quality product and have a reliable and quick shipping solution.

I know you’d like to see an example of a profitable item that you could list.  In the following video I show an example of an item that is selling at Amazon, and show you the same item selling over at eBay for a profit:


What Do I Need To Get Started Drop Shipping?what is dropshipping

You don’t need a whole lot to actually get started making easy profits with drop shipping.  You will simply need a Paypal & eBay account, some extra money and spare time.  You will also need access to the same $20 system of training that not only helped me to learn how to get started with drop shipping, but helped me to become a highly rated Silver PowerSeller in just a few short months.

This $20 training will help you master eBay drop shipping in the following ways:

  • You will learn how to find items to sell, and how to determine your selling price / profit margin.
  • You will learn how to create your eBay listings in such a way, that you ‘outrank’ the other sellers of the same item in the eBay search results.
  • You will learn how to get your eBay listings to show up in the Google search results.
  • You will learn how to handle any and all situations that may occur including returns & refunds.
  • You will learn HOW TO BECOME A MORE POWERFUL EBAY SELLER than everyone else who does not have access to this training or my coaching.
  • Ongoing weekly webinars keep you up to date with any changes to eBay’s rules or ways of doing business.  You also stay up to date with seasonal strategies!

I’ll Let My Own Personal Drop Shipping Results Do The Talking…

I first stumbled upon this insanely inexpensive $20 drop shipping training back in late October of 2013.  At that point, the last time I’d used eBay was in 2005 when I had successfully sold just a few personal items for extra cash.

When I first gained access to the training, I only had to watch a couple hours worth of video before listing my first twelve drop shipping items on eBay.  Within three hours I had my first sale at a $43 profit!!  I had made over a 200% return on the cost of the training and was instantly impressed with the potential behind this system.

Within several months of spending my spare time on this ‘side project’ (and around 250-300 sales later), I successfully achieved the status of Bronze level PowerSeller.  It did not take me long to rise to Silver level PowerSeller and my account is constantly growing with sales, profits and positive feedbacks every day!

what is dropshipping

Speaking of positive feedback, an interesting fact is that about 1/3 of your buyers will leave positive feedback in regard to their purchase.  Traditional eBay sellers may be asking themselves if the drop shipping process could put them at risk for a negative feedback.  But I have found that it is truly not a concern as long as you follow the step-by-step drop shipping training to a T.

I’ve built nothing but positive feedback and incredibly positive ratings since I’ve started drop shipping on eBay!

what is drop shipping

I have received nothing but glowing reviews from every buyer that has taken the time to leave feedback!

what is ebay dropshipping

As you can see in the following image, in the past 120 days I’ve achieved $22,386 in total sales on eBay…

…And I did it all in my spare time!

what is dropshipping eBay

Now That I Know How Easy Drop Shipping Can Be… Why Do I Need Your Training?what is drop shipping

If you were to go on a treasure hunt, would you attempt it without the treasure map?  I have the treasure map or blueprint necessary for your success, between the $20 training of DS Domination & my personal coaching & webinar training that I make available to you.

In the world of people selling on eBay there are now different classes of sellers, according to skill level.  You are going to have a lot of people out there who just plain list items but don’t really know what their doing.  Their never going to have real success with eBay.  Then you have the old guard PowerSellers, who have been majorly successful with limited knowledge gained over the years.  They rode the early wave of eBay success.  But now there are a new class of sellers on eBay.  People who have come in contact with the training of DS Domination & my coaching are simply outclassing the traditional PowerSellers of eBay on every level.

People who have come in contact with the training of DS Domination are becoming PowerSellers and taking sales away from the old PowerSellers who don’t have access to the same information.

As someone with access to the step by step training of DSD, the game changing knowledge will put you leaps and bounds ahead of all the other eBay sellers.  If you were to consider jumping into drop shipping without the training of DSD, you’d be starting at a major disadvantage.

Do you still have questions about the process or how you can get started?  If selling online or particularly on eBay has ever been of interest to you, now is your chance to finally do it by gaining access to the DS Domination drop shipping system and my personal coaching.   If you still have questions about the process or are just interested in getting started, I invite you to connect with me on Facebook and send me a private message.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to connect and let me know!

To your future success!

what is drop shipping

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  1. I have worked with Caleb for the last year and his passion and willing to help people is matched by nobody else. He is a driven and committed leader who truly cares about helping other people learn the industry and accomplish their goals. He goes out of his way to train and mentor people, even if he is not benefiting or being compensated for it. When you combine a powerful opportunity like dsd and join forced with a sponsoring machine like Caleb, you have the perfect formula for success. Don’t hesitate. Join him today!

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