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Email Marketing Best Practices For YOUR Business

Email Marketing Best Practices For YOUR Business

Email marketing is the ‘holy grail’ of low cost but effective internet marketing methods.  One of your most valuable assets as an internet marketer is your email list.

  • Your email list is one of the most valuable assets of your business.
  • Building your email list is one of the top ways to monetize traffic to your website.
  • Once you have an established list of subscribers, you can write emails and generate instant sales!

Email Marketing Best Practices: How It All Worksemail marketing best practices


You can attract your target market for whatever you are selling, by merely blogging about it and related topics.  Your blog posting efforts, along with a little search engine optimization, will attract readers who are interested in what you have to offer.  You should have an opt-in email form set up on your website so that your readers have the option to join your email list and receive more value.


If people like the value you provide on your blog or website, they will likely want to join your email list to get more information.  It’s always good to have a call to action above your opt-in form, which directs them to sign up and briefly explains how they can benefit from subscribing.


For example, you may direct them to subscribe to receive valuable information, training, and tips on internet marketing for their business.

Email Marketing Best Practices: What Is An Autoresponder & Why Do I Need One?


When a user subscribes to your list, they are sent a welcome message from your email autoresponder.  Your autoresponder is a sequence of emails you write that mail out according to a set schedule.  It is usually a sound strategy to provide helpful information, planned out carefully through this series of emails.


In addition to providing uber value to your subscribers, you will also have the opportunity to suggest services or products that would be useful to them.  You can do this by adding a ‘call to action’ at the end of your email in the postscript, directing them to click a link to learn more about a product or service that will bring them A, B, and C of positive results for their business.


Your email list allows you to stay in touch with your loyal customers who appreciate the value you provide them regularly.  You should also tailor your email marketing efforts to appeal to your newly subscribed prospects who have expressed interest in what you have to offer by opting in.


You can send out invitations to webinars, make special offers, provide tutorials, and drop pro-level tips they can use to improve their sales immediately.  The value factor is crucial, as it will keep your subscribed readers interested enough to keep opening your emails buying from you!

Email Marketing Best Practices: How To Build Your List


email marketing best practices


There are many ways to build your email list, including setting up a pay per click advertising, YouTube videos, or apps on Facebook that drive traffic to your opt-in page.  There are even more options out there, but these are some of the most effective ones in use by internet marketers today.


How do you set up an opt-in form anyways?  The email marketing service that I use makes it very easy to set up an opt-in form on your website.  You can choose from pre-set design templates and just plug-in your information.  Just take a look at the sidebar of my blog, and you will see an excellent example of an opt-in email form.


While you are at it, you may as well also subscribe to my list and learn how I can help you build your home business through simple yet effective internet marketing methods.  A huge advantage of joining my list is just to see an example of how I am running my email list.  You can take some notes from this when setting up your autoresponder email sequence.


As you become more advanced with email marketing, you can create multiple autoresponder message sequences for different products, services, or purposes.


Fortunately, I have a quality and reliable email marketing service to recommend to you, which allows you to build multiple autoresponder message sequences for any number of customer lists that you want to develop.

Email Marketing Best Practices: Use A Quality Email Marketing Service


Want to check out the low-cost email marketing service that you can use to maintain your email list, build beautiful opt-in forms, send messages via autoresponder sequences, and broadcast messages/updates to your list, at your convenience?


Just click the following link to learn more and gain access:

Low-Cost List Building & Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Best Practices: 7 Steps To Successemail marketing best practices


It’s as easy as writing an email that may be in the form of a newsletter or a plain announcement, and sending that to as many targeted recipients as possible (your email list).


However, there’s an ideal way of going about it, so you don’t end up in the spam/junk email folder. Email marketing is not just about writing any email that you will send to just anybody.  To clarify that, here are some simple tips in doing email marketing the best way possible.


1. Follow the rules of the Can-Spam Act


Email marketing is not the same thing as spam and should never even come close to that label.  You are not allowed to send emails to people who did not request it.   Sending an unsolicited email is against federal law, and you could be fined up to $300 per email or suffer worse legal consequences.  This is one of those crucial details concerning the following email marketing best practices.


Email Marketing Best Practices According To The Can-Spam Act

  • Do not send information that your email list will not have any valuable use for (Don’t waste their time)
  • Always have an unsubscribe link at the end of your email. (The email marketing service I recommend helps you with this aspect)
  • Put your business address somewhere in each email.  (Beneath your signature works great)
  • If someone unsubscribes, do not ever email them again.
  • If someone asks to unsubscribe from your list, you have ten days to do it.  (Do it as soon as possible)
  • Do not buy or sell email lists!



2. Well written subject lines will increase your open rate


Your email might get not get noticed when mixed with the hundreds of email messages that inbox owners receive every day.


You can improve your subject line doing the following:

  • Using extra white space creatively.
  • Using brackets to highlight keywords
  • Starting each word with a capital letter
  • Asking compelling questions
  • Not making any unbelievable claims
  • And not using the word FREE.


Why can’t you use the word ‘free’?  It is one of several keywords that will get your email flagged as SPAM before it ever makes it to the recipient’s inbox.  If you have to use the word in your email subject line or body, then be sure to write it like this: ‘F.REE’.


Adding the punctuation will make it look a bit different, but will keep your email from being flagged as spam.  Another keyword you have to use this for is ‘cash.’  Similar to what we did with the word free, you can write it as ‘c.ash.’  The word ‘Money’ is another one to be careful using.


For a full list of keywords that will trigger SPAM filters, Click Here.


3. Keep it real with your communications


email marketing best practicesNot including any ‘too good to be true’ statements is not only applicable to your subject line.  Your email content must never make any promise that your business can’t keep.  You are talking to real people here!  Make your offer genuinely of value to your recipients, and you will get good results.


4. Don’t go too low when pricing your offers


If you inform your customers regarding discounts, minimal discounts are not that effective compared with substantial discounts. But never offer discounts that are lower than your profit.  It will defeat the purpose of your email marketing efforts.  It’s YOUR business, after all, so aim to profit in all that you do!


5. Market live events to generate buzz


Announce upcoming seminars, conferences, and other events in your email messages.  Businesses and individuals that require training will be attracted to these offerings.  With these RSVP-requiring emails, repetition is essential.


Just make sure to wait for an ample amount of time before sending out a reminder email.  You do not want to overload and annoy your subscribers with too many emails to quickly.  You can send one during the morning/afternoon and one in the evening if you are sending last-minute reminders for an event.


6. Provide value in the body, and put your offer in the PostScript!


email marketing best practices It is vital to send news and updates to your list, concerning the subject matter of which they subscribed.  These are the best ways to reach out to your customers or prospects.  You want to provide value upfront and then add your offer in the PostScript (P.S.) beneath your signature.  It may surprise you, but most people read the PostScript section before reading the entire preceding message.  


Quite often, the value you present in the email body can be strategically written to increase the value of whatever it is you are marketing in the PostScript.  You should keep the information short, simple, and direct to the point for this strategy to be effective.


With these solid tips on Email Marketing Best Practices, your business will prosper in no time.


I hope this helps you take your marketing to the next level.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Until next time,

email marketing best practices

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