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Free Internet Marketing with Twitter that You Can’t Pass Up

Free Internet Marketing with Twitter that You Can’t Pass Up

Twitter is an essential & free internet marketing tool / social network you can use to expand the reach of your business online.  It is one of the most effective forms of social media in creating buzz and increasing your visibility on the internet.


Whether you intend to promote a personality, promote an event, or just let people know what you are doing. Twitter will help your online marketing efforts to GO VIRAL!


Twitter is essentially an inexpensive and incredibly all-encompassing mode of marketing that has been widely adopted as the premier free internet marketing tool by businesses of all sizes.  Twitter spreads information at the speed of light, it’s available everywhere, and it’s daily usage on the web has doubled from 2010 – 2012, according to the Pew Research Center:


Free Internet Marketing: Twitter Usage Doubled from 2010-2012 according to the Pew Research Center


With the usage trend of Twitter on the steady rise, there has never been a better time for a business to start tweeting.

Free Internet Marketing that will GO VIRAL!


Once you acquire a sizeable following, you will realize just how powerful tweeting can be for your business.  Not to mention the fact that with the proper strategy, you can attract a highly targeted following that will be more likely to click on your links.  Just as an example, imagine you have accumulated 15,000 followers on Twitter.


A savvy online marketer would take advantage of this following by producing a new blog post or website content daily and tweeting about it.


Playing the numbers game, if 5% of 15,000 followers clicked on the link in your tweet, it would produce 75 leads who will visit your site, buy a product or opt into your promotional newsletter.


And this is not even factoring in the number of people who may re-tweet your information to their following (thanks to the all-powerful viral nature of Twitter.)


This conservative example just scratches the potential that Twitter can have in expanding the online reach of your business, by just adding one simple step to your online free internet marketing efforts.


Are you interested in learning how you can incorporate Twitter into your marketing strategy for your blog?  With my ‘6 Steps To Success’ for creating viral content, you can learn How To Promote Your Blog and get real results!


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Free Internet Marketing That Can Reach Devices Everywhere


Your Tweets can reach your audience practically 24-7 thanks to the high adoption rate of ‘smartphones’ that are often pre-loaded with social media apps like Twitter.  You can contact your followers at virtually any time and any place in the world via a single tweet.  The simplicity of Twitter is backed by it’s sheer power in the dissemination of information online.  Twitter is a source of free internet marketing that is on everyone’s phone!

Free Internet Marketing in Short, Concise and Effective Tweets


While you may think allowing a limited amount of characters per tweet is a handicap, it’s what makes communicating through Twitter so efficient.  Every tweet is a short, concise, and fast transfer of pertinent information/data, which can be delivered to your following as fast as you can type it into your mobile device.


Don’t worry too much about abiding by standard rules of grammar. Just include the needed info with usual abbreviations/contractions, and you will be golden!


Stay tuned for a future post where I will provide a step by step tutorial that will help you to unleash the true potential of the free internet marketing available through Twitter.


I will show you how to legitimately build a target market following of 1500-2000 followers within 1-2 months and how to keep their interest daily.  I will also show you how you can minimize your time invested using Twitter while maximizing the return on your efforts.


In the future, I will also tap into may other venues for free internet marketing, stay tuned!


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