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Atlantis Resort: The Visual Experience Of My Bahamas Vacation

Atlantis Resort: The Visual Experience Of My Bahamas Vacation

I just got back from a fantastic week-long stay at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau of the Bahamas.  As I promised, I’m going to share some pictures and video of my incredible experience.  The Atlantis Resort is the perfect relaxation therapy solution and a highly recommended destination for your next tropical vacation!

I carried my iPad around with me at times and found some great video opportunities.  I edited them all together to make this video I call:

The Visual Experience of Atlantis Resort


I get all sorts of great video shots of the resort, including beachside views along the boardwalk and the incredible view of the water coming in and out of shore.

I show you a bit of the water park, which has this incredibly steep waterslide in a Montezuma style temple.  There were less extreme options for slides, but I decided to go on the steepest one first.  The tension before doing it for the first time, and then the release of actually doing it is always a great adrenaline rush.

I had a fun time chatting in line with a family from Ohio, whose Dad was doing it for his first time as well.  That helped to ease the pressure a little bit.

I also get some beautiful views of the architecture of the buildings and the stocked wildlife around the resort, including an incredibly vast underground fish tank called ‘The Dig’ and other areas outside that are stocked with shark and stingrays.  Seeing these things right in front of your very eyes is an awe-inspiring experience.

There’s more to it; I’ll let you enjoy the video to see for yourself!

Atlantis Resort Lobby Views

The lobby is incredibly airy and surreal with modern flowing water fountains down the center of the aisle, and seating along the sides of that provide you with a view of ponds stocked full of exotic looking fish.  This attention to detail is seen throughout the resort, making for an all-around zen-like visual experience.

Atlantis Resort


atlantis resort

Atlantis Resort Beach Views

atlantis resort beach


atlantis resort beaches

More Images From Around The Atlantis Resort

Below to the left, you see the lazy river tube ride and the Coral Towers in the distance.  The lazy river was a fun way to soak in some afternoon sun.  It has some intense waves through various sections of it that made it quite enjoyable!

At one point, there is a mechanism that releases a ton of water, releasing a massive wave at you, that your tube rides but almost flips you over.  There are various ways you can take through the lazy river, and one route leads to the building you see on the right.

The image to the right is the Power Tower, which is a tube-based waterslide park.  You reach it by taking the lazy river, and you use a sort of ramp style escalator for people and tubes and ride up to the top of the Power Tower. When you get to the top, it releases you back into the water at the top of the tower, and you have two choices.

One is titled ‘The Drop,’ which we obviously had to try first because it was the scariest sounding!  You float your tube up to another escalating device at the top of the tower, and they pull you up on it and then release you down a very steep and dark tube and into an intense tube ride.

atlantis resort and waterslide tower


I highly recommend going to the Bahama’s and staying at the Atlantis Resort.  You won’t regret it!

Until next time, 

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