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16 Rules Of The Prospecting Business

16 Rules Of The Prospecting Business

I recently absorbed Todd Falcone’s ‘Teleprospecting With Pros’ bonus training that came with ‘The Little Black Book of Scripts’. There is quite a lot to learn from this bonus material, and one thing that stuck out to me were Todd’s ’16 Rules Of The Prospecting Business’.

If there were to be a code of conduct to be followed to be completely professional, this would be it!

The 16 Rules Of The Prospecting Business

  1. Be reliable and responsible.  Do as you say.  Stick to your word.
  2. Be the consummate professional, be nice, be a pro, don’t beg.  Act like you have it together.
  3. Punctuality.  Always be on time!
  4. Be completely honest and live a life of integrity.
  5. Don’t be rude, it will only hurt you.
  6. Be consistent.  Spend a consistent amount of time on the phone.  Do something everyday!
  7. Be persistent.  Don’t stop trying.
  8. Learn something new daily (i.e. selling skills, communication & persuasion skills)
  9. Listen to your prospects, get them talking.  Listen to other successful people and do what they do.  Stop listening to ‘broke minded’ people.
  10. Surround yourself with success.
  11. Pro’s always follow up.  Never wait for someone to call back.  If you start something, finish it!
  12. Go for the close… get a signup, a sale, a referral or a no.
  13. Always ask for referrals: “Who do you know?”
  14. Make a habit to do a little more than you feel like doing on a daily basis.
  15. Keep your numbers high, it’s a numbers game.  Keep your pipeline filled with new prospects.  This keeps you from getting emotionally attached to any prospect.
  16. Tell somebody else’s story until you create your own.  If your sponsor/friend is killing it in your business, then tell their story and show your excitement about how you’re working aggressively to duplicate the success.


To your success!

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