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Learn From The Best, To Earn Like The Best… Like A Network Marketing PRO!

Learn From The Best, To Earn Like The Best…  Like A Network Marketing PRO!

I first got my start in network marketing thanks to my good friend and elite level network marketer; Adam Chandler.  We

have history that goes back to our days in college as fraternity brothers and fellow students at Castleton College in Vermont.  Over the years Adam became successful with making money online with network marketing companies.  He became a top earner in his respective company and we stayed in touch over the years for me to be able to observe his rise.

Thanks to Adam I got into network marketing, which was a decision that eventually transformed my life.  When I first got

Adam Chandler

started I was not quite ready, but I gained valuable knowledge and skills very quickly thanks to the guidance and coaching I received from my good friend.

He is the one who first practiced cold calling with me, and gave me a generally effective strategy for conversing with leads. He’s shown me the ways to fully optimize my YouTube videos to rank and crank traffic to my offers.  Thanks to Adam I’ve been able to learn very important pieces to the puzzle that have allowed me to develop a residual income through internet marketing… and it’s not rocket science either!

It’s about being ready to provide value, even if you’ll get nothing in return.. but in turn by putting yourself out there you are ultimately building your personal brand and will attract even more prospects who turn into customers buying whatever you sell!


In February Adam and his business partner Justice Eagan put on a 30 day home business building coaching course called “30 Day New Year Intensive”.  This is a course, chock full of killer training on lead generation, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, blogging and more.  Adam & Justice, highly respected and sought after leaders in the network marketing industry (you can target them as ‘interests’ on Facebook at this point) doled out a TON of value with this course with four 2 hour long webinars on these aforementioned topics, 20 coaching conference calls and 2 live Q&A sessions and 11 business activity accountability and goal tracking worksheets.  This was valued at over $2000, yet they sold the whole course to us at a steal.  I felt like I made out like a bandit by paying around $200 for access to this life changing education on internet / network marketing.

Weekly Breakdown of The 30 Day Business Breakthrough Training

  • Week 1: Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Week 2: Consistent Quality Content Creation
  • Week 3: Simple & Effective Traffic Strategies
  • Week 4: Business Breakthrough & Profitability

Lets Talk About My Results!

I actually ended up ahead by $430 from having even been involved with this in the first place.  Even though I paid $200 for access to the info, I made $700 in commissions from marketing the 30 Day New Year Intensive Coaching Program to people who were looking to seriously build their business.  They generously awarded their affiliates with 50% commissions!!

Adam Chandler provided a specific Facebook Pay Per Click Ad training video to the Facebook Mastermind Group for the early signups.  I took this training and turned $70 that I spend on these ads over two weeks, into $700.. So that’s $430 profit after you take out the $70 for the ads and the $200 for the program.

I took this training and used it to get more signups for my primary network marketing business.  Over the course of the challenge I recruited about 30 people, and provided them with coaching to help them duplicate my success.

Find Leadership…  Learn From It & Find The Path To Success!

So my case in point, is that you should seek out a quality leader who is willing to help you succeed in the business that you desire to be successful with.  It will accelerate your learning process and help bring you to the level of success that you truly deserve way sooner than going it alone.

With that in mind, I’d like to present to you an incredible opportunity!  You can gain access to all of the training within the same coaching course that has helped me to increase my income substantially in just a mere 30 days!!

WOW This DEAL Is Too Good To Pass Up!

Now YOU can gain access to this same training for only $99!

Adam Chandler

This life changing training will only be available for a limited time at this price until it goes up to $169.99 for good.  You can save almost half the price, and you will probably make the money back well within the 30 days that you implement this training, through the results you generate with your network marketing opportunity.

To learn how YOU can gain access to this training at this incredibly low price, while it lasts… use the link below:


If you have any questions about it, or want to hear more about my experiences feel free to send me a message.

Until the next post!

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2 Responses to Learn From The Best, To Earn Like The Best… Like A Network Marketing PRO!

  1. I had no idea that you and Adam went so far back! Great post Caleb, as usual, fabulous value here. You really payed close attention to Adam and learned well! I am very thankful that I have you as one my leaders helping to groom me toward my goals in this industry!

    • Thank you Papi!! I was very lucky to have that opportunity, and I recognized it for what it was and took action, knowing that was my only choice as I was not satisfied with the status quo of my life. That was the best choice I ever made, as it transformed my life and now I very much love the path that I am on. My hope is that I can continue to pass the torch and help others like Adam helped me 🙂





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