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Affordable Blogs For Internet Marketers Promotion

Affordable Blogs For Internet Marketers Promotion

I’ve got great news for anyone looking to get into blogging quickly.  If you don’t want to mess around with finding a theme or trying to spend countless hours learning how to design a website on your own.. My web design company has a deal for you.

Right now Common Wealth Web Solutions has a huge limited time offer happening.  Only $500 to get set up with a blog website, with your first year of Dedicated Hosting FREE!  Which usually costs $100 per year.  Nothing beats having your website on dedicated hosting, most of your competition uses ‘shared’ and their sites load more slowly and aren’t as profitable because of it.

Usually the annual cost for a dedicated server is around at minimal $1500 – $2000 per year.  This would be too costly to host just single site, or even only a few sites.  So to get on a piece of one with a reputable business is definitely the way to go.

The fact is, as a successful network marketer I understand the needs of other network marketers.  I know what features and functions that we need to be profitable, build our list, and get indexed in Google and rank well.

Generating Traffic Is Key Once Your Site Is Up

blog websites trafficI also provide coaching to whoever I set up with WordPress, on not only how  to use it, but how to work an effective traffic generation strategy.  The goal is to produce fresh content on your blog as consistently as necessary to generate a steady stream of residual traffic to your offers and evolving sales.

This can mean 4-5 blog posts per week on a consistent basis.  I teach you how to outsource at the lowest cost possible, and how you can source fresh content 365 days a year.  You’ll be a blogging expert by the time you are done working with me.

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