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Blog Content Marketing Made Easy For YOU

Blog Content Marketing Made Easy For YOU
  • Successful blogging is all about speaking to the individual like you are conversing with a friend.
  • Give life to your writing by injecting your personality, and you suddenly reap the rewards of returning website traffic.
  • It’s essential to BE YOURSELF!


Today we are going to talk about content marketing for your blog.  If you get started with blogging/content marketing and learn how to do it right, it can be very profitable for you.


The most important thing I want you to understand is that your blog does not have to be limited to one topic; you can cover a full range of ideas over time.  This approach means you can write about whatever sparks your interest within your niche.


As people get to know you through your blog, you will virtually build rapport and trust in your readership who will appreciate gaining your perspective about the things you market.


The other most important aspect of blogging is to ‘keep it real.’ Be yourself and give your honest opinion, write how you’d speak conversationally to a friend in a personal note or casual email message.


Talk to your audience, don’t talk at them.  People will love you for it!

Blog Content Marketing. Just Be Yourself!


content marketing be yourselfThe real difference between a profitable and non-profitable blog is the way you communicate with your audience. Would you prefer to read a university professor’s lecture notes or the latest novel by your favorite author?


I bet you prefer to read the novel because it appeals more to your interests, or it’s not as mind-numbingly dull as the lecture notes by your professor.


When it comes to blogging and content marketing, the essential thing to understand is that the average person likes to read “light” stuff most of the time.


They don’t want to read a book or your latest scholarly thesis, either.  When people visit your blog, they are not only seeking the value and information that provide – but they are also looking for someone who speaks their language.


You want to be able to speak in their terms and simply explain a possibly complicated topic.  The most successful content marketing writers will create blog posts that are easy to understand AND provide value in a relaxed and personable manner.


If it reads like a textbook, they will click off the page real fast.  Not to mention that it also makes it challenging to build an audience or readers.

Write Your Blog Post, Like Your Talking To A Friend


content marketing talking friend


To attract more visitors AND keep your current visitors coming back for more all the time, I can’t overstate the importance of adding a human touch to your blog posts.  Inject your personality into your writing like you’d inject a savory marinade into a piece of meat.


You can quickly write in a way that’s more casual and conversational if you simply imagine you’re talking about XYZ topic with a good friend.  Not only will this make you more relaxed, but your writing will as well.


If you want to keep people coming back, don’t shy away from your funny side.  Humor can go a long way towards defining your writing style and keeping your readers coming back.  Try to add funny comments to your articles whenever possible.


Remember never to address your readers as a plural.  You wouldn’t talk to your friend like he is multiple people, would you?  If you write your content for the crowd, then it sounds like you are giving a speech. This approach makes you seem disconnected from those you are trying to make the connection with through your talks.


So to keep your blog post feeling like a personable conversation to your reader, always speak to the individual.  When you write as if you are having a chat with a buddy, it will endear your visitor think of you as more of a personal friend rather than a person who is not thinking on the same level.


As a successful blogger, you will express your personality through your words. Human beings are curious creatures, so naturally, your visitors will be as interested in you as the information you offer them.

With Content Marketing, Personality Wins The Day And Gets YOU Paid


Having a distinctive personality in your blogging would make a world’s difference between your blog about, and everyone else’s out there on the internet.  Good content marketing/blogging is a lot, like creating your brand.


If you become an authority on internet marketing, for example, people will think of your blog every time they need advice on this varied and diverse subject. They’ll think of you for what you market in the same way they think of McDonald’s for fast food or Nike for sneakers & sports apparel.


If you are looking to monetize your content marketing efforts seriously, you simply have to write as an equal friend to your visitors.  Write to them as if you’re talking to a friend and establish your personality on your blog.


The results you get by just ‘Keeping It Real’ with your content marketing will be well worth it, I promise you!


Until next time,
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