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Easy Animation Software: VideoMaker FX Review… It Rocks!

Easy Animation Software: VideoMaker FX Review…  It Rocks!

VideoMaker FX is an incredibly inexpensive  and easy animation software when you look at what it gives you the capability to produce.  In the past you had to spend $100’s of dollars on high end software that would take a college education and countless hours to learn how to use effectively.  VideoMaker FX simplifies the process of making a great video, so that even a complete newbie can make something that is awesome. In this following video, view an example of a commercial that I produced to market this software.  After the commercial I do a 3 min. demonstration on the user interface, that shows just how easy it is to use.

Truly Easy Animation Software

The software comes with a large collection of animation sequences of the cartoon type, whiteboard style and various text animation generated animation styles.  You can use the slide sequences in order, as many of them have prebuilt stories that you can plug your information into, to tweak and make it your own.  Or you can mix and match slides from the various sets and make something completely original! easy animation software             The slides that you add to a project are easily interchangeable on the timeline at the bottom of the application. easy animation software You can not only change the actual text and it’s properties of each slide, but you can add images, and many background effects.  There is much you can do to customize your video, with the options that are available with it’s simple to use interface.

Time Is Not An Issue When You Have Easy Animation Software

You can have a video together in as quick as 5-10 minutes and export a file of any quality level that you can then upload to YouTube or put in another editing software to add as a part to another video.  It’s not longer a real lengthy process to put together a video, if you know exactly what message you want to get across with your video.  You can record a voice track through the software or upload your own mp3 as well.  The background music that is offered in the software is actually very well done, and should be easily usable in many of your videos as well.

New Animation Templates Every Month…

Something that really makes this already irresistible product even better, is the fact there is an inexpensive membership add on that gets you 50-100 newly created animation templates per month.  It’s called the ProThemes Membership.  I’ve been subscribed to it since I’ve picked up this software and have enjoyed adding the new animation templates to my arsenal for my new videos.  They keep producing truly awesome quality and original animations, and it’s certainly worth way more than the small price paid for it.  The ProThemes membership has a $37 initial start up cost, and then an ongoing $17 per month fee to keep receiving 50-100 new animation templates per month.  My initial ProThemes bonus template pack came with 100 animation templates.  I used many of them right off the bat, helping me to complete several of these videos I’ve already made.  This is worth the money spent.  You are getting more value, than you are actually paying for by far.

Ongoing FREE Training On The Software

I’ve been using this easy animation software for a couple of months now, and I’ve noticed that they usually have at least one webinar a week with ongoing training with tips and tricks for everyone that owns it.  This is pretty incredible, as the norm with many pieces of software that I’ve ever created, is that getting customer service on the phone was a hassle.  So to be able to get LIVE training on a weekly basis, is pretty strong in my book!

High Converting Sales Video Example

The following video I created to market an affiliate system that I am a part of.  It has consistently attracted traffic and brought leads to me with questions, who I’ve signed up into that business and now they are making a lot of money.  These videos just plain work!!

Can’t Beat The Price of This Easy Animation Software

If you are serious about your video marketing, and you are ready to take it to the next level… then you can’t afford to not pick up this software, you have the opportunity to leap ahead of the pack with one fell swoop and a mere $67 investment. Even at it’s usual price of $97, this software is just incredibly inexpensive for the power that it gives you to create professional quality videos for your marketing campaigns.  But right now you can get it for the reduced price of $67 by CLICKING HERE. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or connect with me on Facebook. To your success!

easy animation software

P.S. If you can dominate YouTube, you can generate endless leads for your business.  Getting this software and putting yourself clearly ahead of your nearest competitors online, is worth the price of admission alone.  You can cement your status as a professional by making videos that have the look of high cost , high effort productions, and at a fraction of the cost… it’s life changing.  Get the $67 promotional price while it lasts, it’s going up to $97 very soon… Don’t miss this opportunity, Get The $67 Discount NOW By Clicking HERE!

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