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Keyword Research SEO Tool Review: Jaaxy

Keyword Research SEO Tool Review: Jaaxy

Every ‘Internet Marketer’ should have a quality Keyword Research SEO Tool.  It not only will make your life easier but will make you more productive when doing the keyword research needed to market online successfully.

So many times, I’ve heard fellow marketers say that they use the Google keyword research tool that is available in Adwords.  And that is a free option, but it has its downsides.

My biggest complaint with Google Adwords and its keyword planner tool is that it is so inconvenient to use. It’s terrifying to a newbie, and from the surface level appears to take a ‘techie’ to figure it out.

I needed to find a more straightforward and effective solution to get the job done, and I found Jaaxy.  I discovered that Jaaxy has sped up my keyword research, by presenting me with quality data about each keyword and its variants (information that Google is holding back from you!)

In this video review of Jaaxy, I’m going to show you why I like it more than the Google Adwords keyword tool:

Several Reasons Why I Prefer The Jaaxy Keyword Research SEO Tool Over The Google Adwords Toolbest keyword research tool

  1. Google’s keyword tool is only available through their Adwords paid marketing platform.  Jaaxy is built specifically for keyword research, it’s easy to access, and it’s user friendly.
  2. When a newbie logs into Adwords for the first time, it prompts you to enter your payment info for advertising (even if you don’t want to advertise.)  Jaaxy has a free trial you can use before subscribing to the platform at the PRO level for $19.99.
  3. Once you setup your Adwords account, you have to click through 4-5 menus to get your keyword research results.  With Jaaxy, it’s less time consuming, and the tool is on page one.
  4. I’ve found that Jaaxy provides consistently better results than the Google Adwords tool.  (I’ve figured this out through actual testing of items that I’m selling via e-commerce platforms.)
  5. Jaaxy provides information that Google Adwords doesn’t, like ‘Quoted Search Results’ (QSR), Estimated traffic if your site is in the top ten of Google, Keyword Quality Indication (by color), SEO Power Ranking, and Domain Availability… this is powerful stuff.

So as you can see, I have some convincing reasons to like the Jaaxy Keyword Research SEO Tool more than Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is rather tricky for the newbie to pick up and use.  This experience has been painfully evident to me as a coach that teaches people how to use keyword research for e-commerce.

I’ve traditionally taught how to use the Google Keyword Tool, but I found that most people have stumbled around the awkward interface.  This problem led me to seek out Jaaxy, which has provided a more comfortable user experience for everyone!

google keyword research tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research SEO Tool Features

  1. Monthly Search Volume: The number of global searches per month for this keyword term.keyword research seo tools
  2. Estimated Traffic: The amount of search volume traffic you can expect to receive if your web page ranks in the top ten of Google for the keyword term.
  3. QSR (Quoted Search Results): This is the number of websites online ranking and competing for the keyword term.
  4. KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): This will be Green, Yellow, or Red according to how effective this keyword will be to pursue. It’s a quick and convenient visual indicator.
  5. SEO Power: This is a rating of how easy it will be to search engine optimize and rank for the keyword term.  On a scale of 1-100 (1 being hardest, 100 being easiest)
  6. Domain Search: This will show you what domains available for purchase for the particular keyword term.  It will show all extensions and hyphenated variations.  This feature can be very convenient for attacking ‘low hanging fruit’ for valuable web traffic (by purchasing a keyword-rich domain, as they naturally rank high for their innate keyword terms.)
  7. To Do: You can add your keywords of interest to a ‘To Do’ list for further planning.
  8. Related Keywords: Looking for more keyword ideas?  Look no further than here!
  9. Site Rank Tab: You can check any websites rank for a keyword.
  10. Website SERPS Tab: The search results for a given keyword in the three major search engines: Google, Bing & Yahoo.
  11. Affiliate Programs Tab: Affiliate programs available online concerning a keyword.
  12. Brainstorm Tab: This is where you can keep a list of keywords but also get some useful data from Jaaxy like Google Hot Trends, Yahoo Index Movers, Alexa Hot Topics, Amazon.com Best Sellers & Twitter Trends.
  13. Training: The makers of this fantastic keyword research SEO tool also provide some quality video-based training on how to use all the features of Jaaxy.  You even get FREE bonus training including; Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords, Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success and Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets (domain flipping)

The Jaaxy Keyword Research SEO Tool Simply Makes Me More Successful

keyword research seo tool jaaxy

So you are probably wondering what makes me ‘sold’ on this keyword research platform other than everything I mentioned above.  Let me give you a couple of solid examples of how Jaaxy has benefited me in a big way.

  1. Ecommerce: I sell things online, and it helps to have useful keyword research data to help you write your listings.  Choosing the right keyword to target for an item you are selling online can mean the difference between making a ton of sales, making a few sales, or making no sales at all.  I have found through over a month’s use, that Jaaxy is providing me with keyword data that is helping me make better choices and get more sales.
  2. Ability To Find ‘Keyword Rich’ Domains:  Jaaxy makes it so easy to dig through keywords and then see what domains are available for purchase.  I have already purchased two domain names for my business with the help of this keyword research tool.  One of these domains I will likely sell for quite a lot of money some years down the road, and the other one I’m going to use the traffic it’s already getting towards a highly targeted marketing effort.
  3. SEO Made Easy: Half the battle in search engine optimization is finding the right keywords to rank for with your website.  Jaaxy simplifies it down to a level where a ‘non-techie’ can figure it out. It’s the most user-friendly keyword research SEO tool I’ve ever used!
  4. It’s A Time Saver: I am saving so much time since I stopped using Google Adwords for keyword research.  Jaaxy makes researching your keywords a snap and even gives you the ability to be organized about it.  Organization and efficiency equal time saved!

I use the PRO level subscription, which costs a mere $19.99 per month and gives me unlimited research ability.  But first, I checked out the free trial, and I invite you to do so also!

Of course, the best way for you to see firsthand just how valuable Jaaxy can be to your business is to give it a shot!


I look forward to connecting with you!

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