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Learn How To Promote Your Blog… To Go Viral!

I’m writing this post today for all my’ blogging fans’. I’d like to teach you how to promote your blog to go Viral!

Whenever I create a beautiful brand spanking new piece of blog content, I like to promote the heck out of it.  Why not get the most for your efforts? Freshly produced blog content too often just gets pushed out with reliance upon RSS feed subscriptions and pre-existing web traffic.

That’s not good enough if you want to generate a higher level of traffic!

It’s crucial to getting your new content to rank quickly in Google. It’s much easier to make this happen if you can drive traffic to your content fast, and create social media buzz early.

You can leverage your social network in a few different ways, hit your email list automatically upon publishing your post, and you can build backlinks to the new content.

So prepare for me to rain golden nuggets on you, between this rockstar post and my YouTube video below you will get a solid blueprint showing you how to promote your blog for success.

1. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: With WordPress Plugins

The right WordPress plugins are important to have in place before even writing your first blog post.  If you are blogging without leveraging ‘on-page’ social sharing, then I suggest you do not write one more post without it!

There are two plugins I recommend that add social media and social bookmarking sharing icons to your blog post.  This helps to encourage viewers to share your content. Especially if you add some text that provides a ‘call to action,’ asking your fans and readers to share your content with their network.

Using a social sharing plugin will help your content get more traffic and maybe even go viral.


I love Sociable because it’s FREE.  It is a very flexible plugin for WordPress and is very comparable to Onlywire in terms of the sharing icons it provides.


Onlywire has a free trial but ultimately has a $49 annual fee.  It has some features that make it more useful than Sociable, as it pushes your content out to a good number more networks. It’s a judgment call for you to make on how much you want to invest here.

I’d suggest starting with Sociable and then growing into using Onlywire as you have the funds to upgrade to their service. I’ve written a post on social bookmarking websites that are made available by these plugins for your readers to share your content, read it here.

2. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: To Your Email List

Driving views from your email list is a super powerful traffic strategy.  If you are already using Aweber as your autoresponder service to manage your email list, then you are ahead of the curve!

If you are not using Aweber, I’d suggest that you make the switch from whatever service you are using now, or just plain get started if not doing emailing marketing yet.

how to promote your blog

You simply navigate to the ‘messages’ tab in your Aweber account and click the ‘Blog Broadcasts’ link to start the set up of connecting your blog RSS feed to Aweber.

With this setup, every single new blog post you make will go out to your email list automatically.  Of course, there are settings to adjust what time of day emails send out. You can even limit which days they are released if you want to get granular.  I like it set up on automatic, so I never have to worry about it.

Building and leveraging your email list is a truly powerful way to drive more traffic to your freshly published blog post content!

If you aren’t already using Aweber, you can click here to register for it.

3. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: By Leveraging Your Network

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

A. Promote On Your Facebook Fan Page

how to promote your blogI’ll start by going to my Facebook Fan Page and writing a quality post to draw attention to my new content.  I like to be straight to the point and make it fun by injecting humor or some sort of creativity.

To promote my last piece of content, I used an image of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean. I made a connection in my post by saying something about ‘putting your pirate face on’ and getting ready to’ strike gold in 2014′ like Johnny Depp.

Using a picture that attracts people to your post will get your post read 90% more often than just posting without a picture.  Relating your post to the image will get your posts read 90% more often in the future!  People appreciate it, and it makes it more entertaining to read your content as opposed to many other people’s standard fare communications.

B. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: By Placing Fan Page Posts In Related Groups

I have several groups that I like to share my latest fan page post and politely ask for social activity from my network.  When I post about it, I specifically ask for any ‘likes, comments, and shares’ and state how I would appreciate it the support.

In those groups, I also tend to go back and like, comment and share other people’s content as when you do that, and people like to reciprocate when they see your post.  Have to keep the positive energy flow in the balance!

This approach will help get more people to your latest post on your fan page and create some early engagement for your post. I have a few groups that I highly recommend trying to get into if you are serious about your content promotion and are willing to reciprocate the love.

Power Blogging Network:

To get the most out of this group, when you first join, you’d read the instructions pinned to the top.  The goal with this group is to get activity to your blog post in the form of comments and social media shares.  Instructions pinned to the top of the group timeline, instruct everyone to read each other’s posts back at their blogs and leave insightful comments, plus share on the social networks like twitter and social bookmarking sites.

This group will work best for you if by showing love to other people’s content, and they will show love back and return the kindness on your blog with quality comments and valuable social media sharing activity.

YouTube Power Users:

This group is essential to my blogging process because I usually put a YouTube Video in each blog post, whenever possible.

PRO TIP: YouTube videos provide a lot of link juice to your blog post when you link to your post in your video description.

The goal of this group is to get early and quality social engagement on your new YouTube video content.  Instructions for participation are provided in the Facebook group, that take you through the process required to get others to view and interact with your content.

This includes the completing the following actions for new posts by other members in the group: watching a full length of the video to provide a ‘view’ on YouTube, LIKE and leave insightful comments after watching the video AND share on twitter, Google+ and any other social network that you like to use.

After doing these things on YouTube, it is standard practice to go back to the original post in the group and leave a comment stating that you watched the video and sharing which ways that you supported the content (likes, comments, share types).

If you use this group correctly and help people out by promoting their content, they will do the same for you, and it will do wonders for getting your content to rank early.

how to promote your blogC. Learn how to promote your blog using paid promotion on Facebook

You don’t have to do paid advertising if you don’t want to make any money.  But it seems like every time I promote a post concerning my primary network marketing business, I end up making money back through at least one referral commission. That’s an incredible return on my investment since I could earn that commission over and over again in the future if it’s residual-based income.

I do this by boosting my post.  Whenever you make a new post on your fan page, there is a button at the bottom of your post, which says ‘Boost Post.’  You can use this button to open up a menu as you see to the left.

You can promote to either your existing fans and their friends. Or you can choose people to show your ads through targeting. It’s good to do a mix of both over different posts over time.  As you build a solid fanbase, you have highly targeted people to target your marketing directly.  When reaching out with a targeted approach, you can pull in more highly targeted fans/followers.

You’ll notice that I also chose to target countries that I felt would have people who would be more likely buyers.  I could have probably added a couple more like Germany or Australia, but I just set this one up as an example.

Next, you can set the age range that you feel is your target market.  And further, hone your targeting down by selecting ‘interests.’  Here is just an example of a few ‘interests’ that I could use to promote a post about Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.

You can spend as little money on this as you want, but you have to set it for $5 initially.  But at any time, you can pause the promotion, and it will stop charging, so you can spend $1 or less if you want to.  Anything is better than nothing!!

As you change the amount spent, the estimated number of people reached will adjust accordingly.

D. Learn how to promote your blog by sharing on Google+

Google+ is too powerful of a social media network to deny anymore, practically everybody has it and is going to use it at some point ever since it is available in everyone’s Gmail account.  Not to mention the fact that it just plain helps by adding some excellent link juice back to the blog post that you share in your Google+ post.

Do not deny yourself results!  Maximize your efforts and start posting to Google+.  I love posting other people’s content to there all day as well, In that way I treat is similar to Twitter where I also love to share other people’s content (as long as it has MASSIVE value of course!  My sharing is based upon providing value)

4. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: On Twitter:

There is nothing easier than learning how to promote your blog on Twitter.  You just need to come up with a sentence that will attract your followers to click the link to your new blog post. And you have to convince in 140 characters or less.

If you have space in your tweet, I recommend adding relevant hashtags (keywords preceded by the # symbol, ex. #InternetMarketing), as this will help you get found by people who are interested in those keywords.

It’s a good idea to tweet out your new content to your following as you create it!

5. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: By Optimizing Your Featured YouTube Video

So just putting the YouTube video up and adding a link back to your blog post is not enough!

Whatever keyword that you are trying to rank for with your new blog post, you should also include in the title, description, and tags sections of your YouTube Video.  In the tag’s part of the article/post, you can include long-tail variations of the keyword and related keywords.

You can include the keyword up to twice in the title of the video.  You should still try to create a title that makes sense and is representative of the actual video content.  YouTube will pull content and possibly shut down your channel if you are misleading with your title and description, so don’t mess around in these areas and be straightforward!

You can include the keyword as many times as possible in the description. Don’t go ‘keyword stuffing’ or just putting it in there a hundred times with nothing relevant written.. that is BAD!  Write a real description and make it as long as you can with good content.  Just writing relevant content in the description area will give you plenty of opportunities to insert the keyword.

PRO TIP: Copy and paste the video link URL and ‘tags’ into the bottom of the video description; it helps the Google spiders to crawl and index your page.

6. Learn How To Promote Your Blog: By Building Backlinks

Backlinks are an optional step but will help you greatly if you have the extra budget to build some quality keyworded backlinks to your new content. I’m not going to get really into depth on this here, but I recommend and review a program that goes into depth on the backlink building service that I’ve been using to rank my content in Google easily.  Click the following link for more information on my favorite backlink building service:


The Process Of Learning How To Promote Your Blog: Follow this process, Rinse & Repeat!

Learning how to promote your blog for success takes time; it’s like riding a bike.  It has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it is nothing but smooth sailing!  It takes a concentrated effort to properly optimize your blog post and YouTube video content, in addition to creating them in the first place.

And then, of course, you have the slew of ways to promote it that I have just presented to you in this blog post.  Every time I create a new piece of content, I go through all these steps.  Sometimes it takes me a whole day to get a piece of content out if my video is longer and takes a while to encode.

While it is quite the process, the results are worthwhile because you are laying down a serious footprint online and increasing your presence in the Google search results and the social networks at the same time!

I will be back with even more value, time, and time again on this blog.  So keep reading and subscribe to my RSS Feed, so you don’t miss a beat!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to promote your blog, and I look forward to hearing about your success using my methods!  Be sure to reach out sometime by adding me on Facebook, connecting with me on Twitter or just plain sending me an email message 🙂

Until next time,

how to promote your blog
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