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Network Marketing Interview With Caleb Wright; By Tran Le

Network Marketing Interview With Caleb Wright; By Tran Le

I was just interviewed by my good friend Tran Le on the topic of ‘Network Marketing’, and I’m excited to share it with you!

I’m involved in an excellent month long business building challenge called the New Year Intensive 2014.  It is coached by my longtime friend Adam Chandler and his business partner Justice Eagan, who are top network marketers in the online world of business.  Part of the New Year Intensive includes an assignment for us to interview or be interviewed by a fellow business builder who is also taking part in this program.  The subject of the interview is ‘Network Marketing’.

The wonderful Tran Le, interviewed my yesterday and asked me questions that revealed how I first learned about ‘Network Marketing’, my first impressions on the model of business, how I got my start online and how I’ve achieved my first huge success in Network Marketing.


Why I First Started Looking At Network Marketing As An Option

network marketingIn this interview I tell a story about how Adam Chandler, one of my good friends from college (and fraternity brother) inspired me to take a serious look at the network marketing business model.  He had moved out West to Colorado and had ended up leaving his job at a newspaper in Fort Collins, and being forced to look for other options online he found network marketing and figured out how to make ‘working from home’ become a reality for himself… something that I also desired for myself, as I had grown tired of putting up with everything that comes with being employed at a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ job.  I realized I had a strong desire to be in business for myself and be my own boss!

I did not join him in his business at the time, as it was too costly for me to become involved at the given time.  However I had started to consider Network Marketing as an option that could potentially be ‘right for me’ in the future.  I also started looking at leveraging the internet in generating an additional income on the side of my full time job, and in my spare time after 9-5 work hours.

The Road To Network Marketing Success

On my way to success in Network Marketing, I started to create my first real accomplishments online by creating two non-network marketing businesses; One Business in Web Design / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing: www.commonwealthwebsolutions.com.  The other being affiliate marketing based through use of internet marketing strategies like blogging, SEO, YouTube and ranking in Google to create sales volume (and residual commissions) in the Whole Leaf Tobacco industry (www.wholeaf.com).  I speak briefly of my accomplishments in these two businesses and explain how they  helped set me up to quit my job (by replacing my income), and how they were instrumental in putting my in a position to grow a network marketing presence online.  Ultimately these two moves helped me rip my life back from the clutches of my former boss who did not fully appreciate the skills I brought to the table on a daily basis.  I knew I was worth more, but I also knew that the only way I would earn the rewards that I truly deserved, that I would have to produce true value on my own terms and learn how to monetize it.

My First Major Success In Network Marketing

After providing all this background on how I got to where I am now, I explain the details behind finding my first huge Network Marketing success with a network marketingcompany called DS Domination.  In this business I provide expertise & coaching to people who are interested in learning how to create a long term ‘drop shipping’ business on eBay by leveraging of DS Domination’s comprehensive system of training.  If you let me take you under my wing, you will not only gain access to the training that has been responsible for my success on eBay, but you will also gain access to my expertise and knowledge in the realm of internet marketing and social media marketing.

Here is a quick snapshot of my results, using Ecommerce to generate an income online and help others do the same:

Having started with DS Domination in November of 2013, In two short months I have personally enrolled 48 people. My 48 referrals have grown my downline to 178 people. I have earned a $1,000+ and growing residual income.  Having put a very spare time effort into ‘selling / drop shipping on eBay’, in this same span of time I’ve earned over $2,000 in eBay profits. It only cost a mere $19.95 to get started in this business and learn how to produce results (generate a real income) with eBay using the training within DS Domination.  I made my first few sales quickly (within hours of posting my first 8 listings) and the system had proven to work in my eyes well enough that I went on to produce the network marketing success that I am enjoying the fruits of today.


My Network Marketing Goals For 2014… And How The 2013 New Year Intensive Is Helping Me To Accomplish Them

Given my current pace since November of 2013, I’m projecting to produce my first $100k earning year in business online.  That is my goal for 2014, and I’m looking to shatter it by taking what I’ve learned in the 2014 New Year Intensive with Adam and Justice, and continue to apply it through the rest of the year.  Thanks to the inspiration provided by these two incredible leaders, I am now treating my online business efforts truly as a business.  They’ve helped me to become more organized, and to block out an actual daily work schedule and structure to my home business activities.

I wake up around 7 AM everyday and get right to work after consuming a protein shake.  I take an hour break for lunch and continue to work until 6:30 PM, when I take a break for dinner.  I relax until 9 PM, and then I allow myself to work until 11 PM before I hang up the towel on the work day.  I get to bed at a reasonable time and repeat the process the next day.  Having a regular schedule like this is much better for your health than allowing yourself to stay up working until 3 AM – 6 AM, when you should be sleeping.  Which is what I was doing before getting started with the 2014 New Year Intensive, and my whole workflow had become way more effective and efficient now.  I schedule meetings with people on my team who need help, and I accomplish a number of very important tasks every day, and make REAL PROGRESS… all without feeling an ounce of ‘burn out’.  Thank you Adam Chandler and Justice Eagan!

Network Marketing Advice If You Are Still Looking For Success

network marketing adviceLastly, I drop some valuable tips and guidance for anyone who trying to get into Network Marketing, but still looking for their first success. First off, you should stay dedicated to your vehicle of choice (your network marketing business of choice) if you believe in it’s potential to realize your dreams, and if it’s working to generate an income for you.

Secondly, to drop anything that you are paying for that is not generating an income… the last thing you want to do is spend yourself out of the dream of a ‘network marketing lifestyle’, before you actually achieve it. Third, don’t give up! Keep investing in yourself, learning new skills by getting training and reading books, and finding a mentor or two by which you can model your daily business activity and duplicate their success. And of course, last but not least… Take consistent daily action towards your goals, it’s a one day at time process, don’t try to win the race in one day, but make solid strides in whatever you are working on.

Thank you for the awesome interview Tran Le…  You truly Rock!

Until next time,

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