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Professional WordPress Theme Design Has Never Been Easier!

Professional WordPress Theme Design Has Never Been Easier!

It used to be that designing your WordPress theme design was an option that was only available to advanced web designers with a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, etc.

All of this has changed with the release of a revolutionary customizable WordPress design software called Headway Themes.


This site you are now reading was designed in Headway, as are many of my other websites. It’s simple to access the visual interface through your WordPress dashboard, and it installs just like any other theme you may download.  For a reasonable price of admission, it offers the ultimate granular control over the structural and visual aspects of your WordPress based blog or website.

I will show you why this development theme is the best option for working with WordPress.

UPDATE 4-21-2014

And you can also learn more about Headway right at their site, as many updates have happened since this review.  Headway is even better than ever!!  I plan on doing an updated review in a new post soon, I promise!  >>> Click HERE For Updated Info About The Headway Theme

Layout Your Ideal WordPress Theme Design in Mere Minutes

Your website design is only limited by what your mind can conjure up, and implementing your vision has become faster than ever.  Headway uses a drag and drop grid, where you can resize and align the building blocks of your design.

Layout your ideal WordPress theme design in minutes with the grid editor

Design any conceivable layout, whether you want one, two, or three columns. Heck, you can even mix and match across the pages of your site according to your specific needs.  A handy layout selector helps you to customize the layout of each page type within your website.


You can save time by making global edits to your single page layout, or you can isolate a specific page and customize it differently from the rest.  All of this is made very easy from the central layout selector panel.  Click any block on the grid, and adjustable options will appear in the lower area of the screen.

Headway’s Block System: Unparalleled Theme Design Flexibility

A unique block system allows the user to assign each block as one of the following elements: Header, Navigation, Breadcrumbs, Content, Widget Area, Media, Footer, Custom Code, and more.

Changing the block type in your theme design

Any block that you assign can be changed to a different type at any time you choose.  You can replace the Header block with an Image Rotator, or develop a widgetized footer with the Widget Block.


Let’s not forget the Custom Code Block, which allows you to input plain text, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress Shortcodes.  Simply place your code in the Custom Code Block, and hit ‘save’ to watch your design update in seconds.


3rd party developers have also released a slew of specialized blocks that can quickly add dynamic features for your website, including incredible features such as adding a Pinterest style cascading picture wall. And a Utility Block that allows you to include multiple things such as an image, social media icons, and links.

The Visual Design Editor Manages the CSS Code For You

You can style your site by pointing and clicking.  Change colors, add background images, round out corners, apply text/box shadows, style the different states of hyperlinks, and more, through the visual design editor.

Styling the CSS of your WordPress Theme Design has never been easier

Advanced web designers who are used to working with code will be delighted by the ability

to make modifications using their custom code through the Live CSS feature.

A novice web designer can create a site to exacting standards with Headway.  Theme design has never been this easy until now!

Consistently Rank Higher in Google with Headway

Options for improved search engine optimization are available through the post view via the dashboard.  On a Post or Page, you can adjust options that can improve it’s search rankings, by designating the title tags and meta descriptions.


In a broader scope, you can set SEO site-wide options and templates for multiple pages of your site.  Or if you prefer to stick to a plugin that you’ve been using, Headway will work well with 3rd party SEO plugins like the popular WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Optimized for Responsive Mobile Viewing and HTML5 Compatible

Staying up to date with the latest web standards is critical.  These standards are always changing, but the Headway developers will keep your website kosher with the web standards of today and tomorrow.


Headway developers also stay on top of the latest web development trends and tech, including responsive design for mobile phones, HTML5, and CSS3.

I Want To Do Theme Design With Headway!!  Where Do I Get It?

To learn more about and purchase a license to Headway, find more info on the Headway Themes website.


I hope you found massive value in today’s post, and I look forward to catching you on the next one!


Catch you on the next post,


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