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4 Strategies To Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

4 Strategies To Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

What exactly is EdgeRank anyways?  It is Facebook’s news feed algorithm that determines visibility of a fan page post in the newsfeed of it’s users.  In the following, I will present to you with four solid newsfeed strategies to boost  the EdgeRank and visibility of your fan page on Facebook.

1. Write Longer Posts to Improve Your EdgeRank

There is a trend where some fan pages take the same approach as a magazine or editorial, and post complete articles rather than linking back to their official site.  They are using their fan page to provide value as if it was their main website.  Average blog style posts from these types of sites can range from 300-800 words or less.  The limit to a Facebook post is currently set at 5,000 characters.  Facebook’s EdgeRank calculation includes ‘consumption’ as a category that is ranked, and when posts contain enough text to require ‘see more’ links it is counted in the ‘consumption’ category.  Another common sense benefit of writing longer posts is that you provide more value.  Value gets shared more frequently amongst your fans as they appreciate the effort put into your work.

3. Post Photos to Improve EdgeRank

The most successful pan pages these days make heavy use of images in their posts.  This engagement is purportedly twenty times higher than links, videos or status updates.  A good rule of thumb is to post a photo along with your link every time.  If you are trying to get your video out to people, post a thumbnail from a frame of the video along with your link.  The links and status updates will always appear above the photo, which increases the likeliness of user engagement.  You can do this in various ways, like adding your status update as  words in an image or you can use an e-card site like Instagram or Someecards, that allow you to use your own photos while including a personalized message.  These types of posts receive a high rate of shares amongst friends and fans alike.

3. Creating Photo Albums Will Improve Your EdgeRank

Photo Albums like pictures, have a high rate of click through.  Their look sets them apart from other post types and draw interest amongst your fans.  They consist of one large image, with a series of small images underneath that tempt the user to click through and get a closer look at the photo album.  This will give you an advantage, to be able to stand out amongst all other post types in a typical newsfeed.


4. Improve EdgeRank With Post Targeting (to be released feature)

Facebook-EdgeRankThis is a feature that is yet to be released, that will give you the ability to segment your pages fans into different market criteria in the same style as online advertising firms.  You can be specific about who reads which post  according to their age, gender, interested in (likes), relationship status, workplace/job, education history, country, state, city and language.  Whew, that was a mouthful which speaks volumes to how powerful this option is for someone who is producing content for more than one audience and to save time for other people by not cluttering up their wall with posts aren’t relevant to them.  This will be an interesting feature once it becomes available.

The strategy behind this would be to target your post to a segment of your fans who would be most likely to read and/or click into it.  So while it makes logical sense that you are getting your message to less people, this naturally causes a larger percentage of people to interact with your post.  The key to this is that if someone who was a fan of your page ended up having good interaction on your post, and a handful of their friends who fit the targeted demographic show up and comment, Facebook will show them your page.  This can have a viral effect, as people of similar demographics tend to be connected with each other.


Good luck improving your EdgeRank in Facebook!  Utilize these four strategies and you will be well on your way to improving your visibility in your fans news feeds as well as increase the potential of exposure to new fans.

Best of luck to you,

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  1. Hey man, this is some crucial tips on livin the facebook lifestyle properly business wise. The more I’ve been using it the more I’ve noticed trends in these things you’ve mentioned here happening. As you’ve been coaching me along letting me know what’s proper form as far as execution of the f.b. hit-up! Radical!

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