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Facebook Fan Page Marketing Fundamentals

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Fundamentals

Facebook Fan Page Marketing is FREE, and getting started can be one of the smartest internet marketing moves that an entrepreneur or business can make today.  Facebook has a mainstream rate of adoption, which means that you can reach more people than ever through simple marketing strategies on everyone’s favorite social media site.


According to the Pew Research Center, as of August 2012, 66% of American’s are using Facebook regularly for personal or internet marketing purposes for their business.  So if you are not already marketing on Facebook, now is the time to dig in and start a fan page because I am going to go over the essential fundamentals with you!


Everyone and their mother in law are implementing Facebook fan page marketing to drive free online traffic to their main website or blog.  So the question is, why aren’t you?  You can’t beat the price on this one, my friend [FREE], so let’s get this party started!

Differentiation Is Everything In Facebook Fan Page Marketing


It is vital to dress up your fan page in a way that personalizes and differentiates it from other individuals or establishments that are doing the same thing.  It is crucial to establish a strong brand that helps you to stand out from the pack to be successful with fan page marketing on Facebook.  This can be done through the smart use of images that can tell your story. 


In terms of marketing yourself as an entrepreneur, this would be called Personal Branding, but the same principles apply for all business types.  Everyone has something about them that makes them unique and different from others, find these selling points about you and/or your business and turn them into strengths through which you will attract people who are genuinely interested in who you are and what you are doing.  A good way to differentiate and market yourself in your Facebook Fan Page marketing efforts is to make wise use of your cover and profile image areas.


Differentiate Your Facebook Fan Page Using Unique Cover and Profile Images


When choosing the cover image for my fan page, I decided that what differentiates me is how I live my life with an emphasis on freedom.  My expression of freedom involves living in the mountains of the world where fresh snow and high altitudes are in abundance.  In my cover image, I am at my best state of mind and on top of the world, soaking in the elevation at 12,060 feet above sea level atop Parsenn’s Bowl, at Winter Park, CO.


I also have an attractive smile on my face in both of these pictures, making me more approachable to people who find my fan page.  You are more likely to attract connections to quality people when you radiate positive vibes, and just being happy is a way to do that.


So take advantage of the cover and profile image areas of your fan page, and you will be well on your way to differentiating yourself from the rest.  Do this, and you will attract nice people who will want to learn more about your business or your product.


Be careful when putting text on your cover image, you are not allowed to put up marketing references to websites or product benefits, check for the full stipulations as set out by Zuckerberg – Facebook Fan Guidelines.

Maximize The ‘About’ Fan Page Feature


This may seem obvious, but the ‘About’ section of your fan page is an oft-overlooked section by many people just starting out in Facebook marketing.  Filling out this area with some value can not only breathe life into your fan page presence, but it is also an excellent place to put a strong call to action that can link people to your main blog or website.


Create a Strong Call To Action Using the 'About' Feature of your Facebook Fan Page


Creating Intrigue: It’s All On The Wall


Use your fan page ‘Wall’ to post status updates concerning what you are doing in your life AND your business.  If marketing as a network marketer, provide value to others by letting them know what you are doing that is attracting leads and creating success in your business.


The average person is more likely to join your team when they observe your expertise.  An essential part of the formula for network marketing success is to have strong support from those who have been successful and are on top of their game.  People gravitate to leaders and people who demonstrate knowledge.


They also want to see that you are human, so make sure to share points of interest in your life and to document your exploits of fun and adventure!


For an official business page, one that sells WIDGET X at an e-commerce website and markets a brick and mortar location, use your status updates to tell stories about your product and business. 


This section can include exciting info on the owners (or primary players) of the business, that people should get to know as clients or customers. 


Draw people into the world of whatever it is that you do, and inject personality into it. And if you do so, it will take on a life all of its own, and people will naturally desire to learn more about it by clicking over to your main blog or e-commerce website and potentially convert to a sale.


In my next segment on Facebook Fan Page Marketing, I am going to show you a simple yet effective strategy to quickly accumulate ‘Likes’ for your Fan Page. Stay tuned!


I wish you the best of love & success. Talk soon!



“I’m going to dream a life and LIVE A DREAM… what about you?”


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