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Fan Page Party Networking: Quickly Expand Your Reach on Facebook

Fan Page Party Networking: Quickly Expand Your Reach on Facebook

An excellent way to increase your fan page ‘likes’ and ultimately your reach on Facebook is to attend or host a Fan Page Party.  Fan Page Parties are hosted by various fan pages on Facebook, as a way to supercharge everyone’s networking efforts and overall interaction with each other.  Hosting a fan page party provides an excellent opportunity for exposure to your network and also for members of that network to share their business.  There are many well attended Fan Page Parties, and they are usually scheduled and recurring on certain days of the week.  It’s a great way to encourage interaction among members of the Facebook community that you are connected with.  My recommendation is to first attend a fan page party to best figure out what they are all about, and see how everyone interacts.  At this point you may be asking ‘how exactly does a fan page party work?’  There are specific rules that make these events so effective, lets get into it!

Fan Page Party Networking: Rules of the GameFan Page Party Post Example: Comment and Leave your fan page info here.

1) Show up to the Fan Page Party with your normal profile, and post your fan page(s) with a brief description.  Once at the fan page that is holding a party, find the post that is designated by an image highlighting the party.  All of the fan page posting happens under one designated Fan Page Party post.

2) Look at the other pages people have posted and see what they have to offer.  ‘Like’ the fan pages that you actually like!  Liking every page is not necessary, but from my experience the more pages you like, the higher probability you will also gain more likes from nice people who reciprocate the love.

Fan Page Party Pro-Tip: Sign in as your fan page, go back to pages that you have liked and leave a nice comment on their page as a way of introducing yourself.  This is a good way to reach out, and you will often receive likes in return!




Fan Page Party Etiquette: Leave a nice comment on pages that you have liked, while signed in with your fan page. 

3) Tag the Fan Page Party post image to people you think would like to join in on the party.  Of course you are always welcome to help your friends out, and post their page as well.  You can also share the fan page party on your personal profiles timeline.

4) Make sure to vary your comments.  DO NOT SPAM by any means… in other words DO NOT copy and paste the same greeting/comment on everyone’s page expect it to be okay.  Not only does it diminish your results in terms of any google benefit you may receive, but before long Facebook will catch on to your actions and start to limit your posting.  They will first make you do a Captcha for every post you attempt to make.. I have heard of other people that have had their accounts fan page posting ability limited for up to a week (not productive).  This will also happen if you are posting comments to quickly (looks like spambot automation to Facebook).  So be sure to make original comments every time you visit someones page for that purpose.  It’s not real hard to avoid these pitfalls, just take a little time to check out each page and comment on what they are actually doing.  And be POSITIVE, because people will love you for it 😉

Hosting Your Own Fan Page Party

create a fan page party event on facebook, get your network in the know!Once you have gotten the hang of leveraging fan page parties that are hosted by others, you should strongly considering hosting parties of your own.  It is easy to start, all you need to do is create a Facebook ‘Event’ and invite all of your connections to your FREE marketing event.  Choose a day of the week to hold your party, make it a regular recurring event, and before long your reach and likes will skyrocket!  People tend to choose Fridays, as data from Facebook suggests that engagement rates spike on this day of the week.  Make sure that you choose a day to hold your party, where you are able to be around the computer.  A good host will interact with their guests and keep the atmosphere light and fun filled.  Make sure to make a simple image like the one I’ve posted here, to designate your fan page party post, otherwise people will not know where to post on your page.  Pretty easy stuff here, right?  It works like gangbusters 😉

Where the Heck Can I Find My First Fan Page Party?

Facebook Fan Page Party Networking at Gold Star Media's Friday Event

This is a good question!  I didn’t know about fan page parties until someone invited me to one.  I wouldlike to personally invite you to the first (and still best in my opinion) fan page party that I’ve ever been to!  A fan page called Gold Star Media has a quality fan page party every Friday.  They usually get upwards of 200 unique posters and people who will potentially like your page.  Be sure to check them out whenever Friday rolls around.  I’ve also found that I have discovered other parties through attending their party, people like to share what they are doing!

One Last Fan Page Party Tip: Get Focused and Take Action!

As an attendee of a fan page party, if you really want to see quick results get focused and rock a fan page party for thirty minutes to an hour.  Find as many pages that you ‘like’ as you can, and practice introducing yourself and making new connections.  The more effort you put in the better results you will get!

Fan Page Party Hopping!  Here is a Last Second Bonus List of Popular Fan Page Partys JUST FOR YOU, Because After All.. Why Just Go To One?

Transcribble – Fridays

Kinetic Marketing for Social Media – Fridays

B Squared Media – Fridays

Have Fun Partying and Making New Connections 😉

Caleb Wright

Caleb Wright 'Internet Marketing Pro' Signing Off, Best of Luck to You!

“I’m gonna dream a life and LIVE A DREAM… what about you?”

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  1. Nice! I have to get this goin for my fanpage! The use of my fanpage and the ways you’ve guided me on using it has been very helpful for getting my art out to people! Some solid moves being made here!

    • Yes, definitely leverage some of the fan page parties I listed here, and you can also find lists of many other good parties if you Google ‘Facebook Fan Page Party’. This is a great way to make new connections and get activity to your fan page.





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